Friday 14 August 2015

Sweat Lodge - Talismana (Album Review)

Release date: 02nd August 2015. Label: Ripple Music. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Talismana - Tracklisting

1.Tramplifier 03:39
2.Bed of Ashes 03:07
3.Slow Burn 02:21
4.Phoenix Ascent 04:14
5.Talismana 04:11
6.Black Horizon 03:15
7.Boogie Bride 05:41
8.Heavy Head 03:23
9.Banshee Call 04:28

Band Members:

Austin - Bass
Bones - Guitar
Caleb - Drums
Cody - Vocals


A sweat lodge dream heaven…

Sometimes a band comes along playing music that makes you want to jump up, run to your car, and drive for the desert, drinking beers, blasting the tunes way out loud while wearing nothing but beatdown Vans, a checkered lumber jacket shirt and torn-off 501’s… This is the sound of Sweat Lodge, a smell of diesel, burned rubber and dust in the nostrils.

With Talismana they arrive at the dusty plains with a sound that mixes equal amounts of Thin Lizzy-esque twin-guitar works (although I believe there is just one axe-swinger aboard the vehicle), 70’s swagger ‘n groove, driving drums and it all stirred up with good amount of Sabbath infused doomery. Sweat Lodge is bound to take loads of prisoners with this there first full length released by Ripple Music and available on various vinyl editions early August.

To me this is the perfect mix of classic rock and stoner with just that sense of doom and psych that makes it roll all the way to hell in a bloody good way! This will be a hard contender for lots of folks Top 10 or even Top 5 lists this year if there is any justice. This will for sure end up ranking high with me when the head count is summed up at the end of 2015.

All in all a very accomplished work for such a relatively young band and yet again, great work by Ripple Music .Once more who are bringing a class-A act to all the stoner rocking hungry fans out there…

Words by Niels Fuzz Bartholdy

Thanks to Richard at Sheltered Life PR for the promo. Talismana is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from Ripple Music now.