Saturday 13 August 2016

FISTULA - Looking For Infection (Album Review)

Release date: July 15th 2016. Label: PATAC Records. Format: CD/DD

Longing For Infection – Tracklisting

1.Too Many Devils and Drugs 03:48
2.Morgue Attendant 05:11 video
3.The Big Turnout 05:22
4.Destitute 06:25
5.Smoke Acid Shoot Pills 08:23
6.Loyal To The Foil 02:41
7.Detox 04:53

Band Members:

Harrington - Vocals
Bing - Guitar
Branca - Guitar
Peel - Bass
Sullivan - Drums


Now I will fully admit I've only been a fan of FISTULA for the last few years now. I haven't listened to everything in their extensive back catalogue but I consider myself a fan and I've really enjoyed the albums they've released over the years.

Though their latest album – Looking For Infection – maybe my fave album of theirs yet. With this being a FISTULA record, the mood is bleak, brutal and downright nasty. The album is a throwback to the classic era of Heavy/Extreme Metal with the sounds routed in modern day Sludge/Doom Metal with a great blend of hardcore vibes that gives the album an unflinching edge.

Opening track – Too Many Devils And Drugs – perfectly captures the mood of the current FISTULA sound with brutal fast-paced riffs and Dan's pissed off vocals.

The rest of the album follows the standard template of the opening track but FISTULA are clever enough to splice audio clips in the mix to give their album a sense of fear and dread. By the time songs – Morgue Attendant, The Big Turnout and Smoke Acid & Shoot Pills appear you're either head-banging in unison or listening to in utter disgust but you just can't turn away. The album has that magical, freakish and scary quality to it that will leave you in a hypnotic trance.

The riffs and music in general are raw as hell but it has to be for this kind of album. It should be noted this album sees founding member – Bahb Branca – return to playing guitars for the band instead of bass. The album perhaps has an angrier sound as a result.

The production feels very heavy in places but shouldn't deter your enjoyment of the album. FISTULA have been going since 1998 and have stayed true to their DIY ethic whilst some of their peers have gone down the mainstream route. Not, FISTULA. These guys have remained in the underground for the best part of two decades and their music is dangerous and more exciting than their mainstream counterparts can ever dream about.

Whilst not breaking new ground, Looking For Infection is one of the harshest and brutal albums I've heard this year. Ignore this at your peril.

Words by Steve Howe

Looking For Infection is available to buy on CD/DD now from PATACRecords.