Saturday 20 August 2016

Indivia - Horta (Album Review)

Release date: September 26th 2016. Label: Argonauta Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Horta – Tracklisting

The Green Planet
Cio' Che Tradisce

Band Members:

Andrea Missagia - Guitar
Nathalie Antonello - Drums
Diego Loreggian - Bass


Indivia are newly signed to Argonauta Records. One of my fave record labels who have been on a roll recently signing great artists to their impressive roster. Indivia are no different as their album is another winning entry from Argonauta Records. So what can you expect from Indivia. Well the band were a new entity to me as I hadn’t heard of them before.

Their new album, Horta is their second full length album but acts as the perfect introduction to Indivia’s groove laiden Doom/Stoner riffs. Reviewing instrumental albums can be a very hard thing to do at times but Indivia’s music make this so easy as they’ve released an exciting and different kind of instrumental doom/stoner metal album. It’s a heavy and almost gloomy affair from the start.

Opening track Dharma runs for less than three minutes but Indivia show you what they can do despite the short running time. Heavy moments of distorted instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal riffs merged with murky psychedelics are the main key. It has the right balance of slow paced moments and angrier faster riffage.

Second track The Green Planet sees Indivia bring heavy thunderous riffs to forefront of the action. As the band create a bass heavy affair to build their epic riffs upon. Fans of SardoniS will find much to enjoy here but Indivia offer perhaps a more well rounded experience. The song is a mixture of sombre Stoner Riffs but matched with a more gloomy doom metal vibe. The soundclip that appears towards the end of the song is a very cool touch that moves Indivia’s music into the realm of Space Rock.

Third track Hyperion opens with a drone based sludgy riff before the band add layers of Doom/Stoner riffs played at a very slow pace. The drums slowly come in as the song becomes more faster before the normal sounds of long drawn out riffs appear. Indivia take their time with this song though the mood can be very sloppy at times. Though that’s not to say it’s a bad song. In fact, it’s a very good song. I felt that the heavier moments didn’t flow smoothly as they should. It can leave you feeling disorientated at times.

The final three songs on the album offer more straight-forward Doom/Stoner Metal riffs with Indivia creating even louder psych based noises especially on tracks such as Shogun and the final track, Re-Growth. Horta is expertly produced as the album sounds superb. The mood of the album is loud and crisp throughout. Indivia expand on their sound with each individual song almost to the point that the songs sound vastly different to each other.

Horta is a dark, loud and exciting album to listen to especially if you’re a fan of Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal. This album is only being released on CD and Digital Download which is a crying shame. As this album deserves a vinyl release to fully experience it’s dark and twisted vision. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Barbara at NeeCee Agency for the promo. Horta will l be available to buy via Argonauta Records from September 26th 2016 on CD/DD.