Tuesday 2 August 2016

Spirit Division - No Rapture (Album Review)

Release date: June 11th 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

No Rapture – Tracklisting

1.Whispers In The Embers 05:36
2.No Rapture 03:42
3.When The Sun Explodes 03:10
4.Rewinding Life 03:27
5.A Dark Request 03:02
6.The Mourning Song 03:47
7.Wendigo 07:35

Band Members:

Chris Latta: Bass Guitar/Vocals
Stephen Hoffman: Guitar/Vocals
Jace Epple: Drums


Spirit Division’s new album – No Rapture – is a steady and heavy mix of Doom, Stoner and Psych riffs. The vocals are firmly rooted in classic heavy metal territory. Opening track – Whispers In The Embers – offers dual vocals from Chris and Stephen with slow-paced doom and gloom based riffs. The atmosphere does become more fast-paced with the vocals taking a more sinister turn. Taking influence from Saint Vitus and Black Sabbath but with a more sinister approach to their music. It’s quite a bass heavy affair with grizzled guitars to match.

Spirit Division have already started to win praise for this album. It’s praise well deserved as they have delivered an exciting and well crafted album. The album is not going to change the world of Rock/Metal but it will entertain you for the next thirty minutes or so. The songwriting is a definite highlight as Spirit Division have written intriguing lyrics on the majority of the songs especially on No Rapture, Rewinding Life and the epic song Wendingo.

The production could have done with more work at times as the volume can be very low at times. Apart from that minor issue, Spirit Division have released an album that plays to their strengths mainly with the riffs, great vocals and superb lyrics. No Rapture is an album that will be enjoyed by both fans of the Doom/Stoner Metal scenes. As this leaves you with no doubt that Spirit Division have something different to offer people with No Rapture. Though I have a feeling we won’t see the true Spirit Division until after a couple of more releases when they build upon their enormous sound. Until then, No Rapture is definitely worth your time.  Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe