Saturday 13 August 2016

Label Spotlight - Argonauta Records

Argonauta Records started in 2012 and since then they have gone from strength to strength releasing great albums after another.

Gero who runs the label has been a great supporter of my work with Sludgelord and now Outlaws Of The Sun (Along with many fine other labels) over the last few years. I feel guilty at times when I don't feature all of the releases he sends my way. Sometimes there isn't enough time in the day to feature every band you've been sent despite liking the album or artist a hell of a lot.

With Argonauta Records about ready to unleash their 50th release later this year, Gero has gathered a wide range of artists across the musical spectrum. Argonauta Records have released albums by Among Gods, Denizen, Lightsucker, She Hunts Koalas, Witch Charmer, Throes Of Dawn, Hollow Leg and Obese to name but a few.

Exciting times ahead for the label as they will be releasing new albums by KOMATSU, Dustrider, Varego (who Gero is apart of) and the eagerly awaited return of Sludge/Stoner Metallers – SUMA.

So here are some artists on this great label that I might of missed over the last 12 months or so.

Beneath The Storm

Beneath The Storm is a one-man Sludge/Doom Metal band who specializes in heavy brutal riffs with moments of grunge and post-metal to descend the listener further into madness....



Muschio is a Post-Rock/Fuzz/Stoner/Noise Rock collective who may seem they have an identity crisis on their excellent new album – ZEDA. Though that's just a rouse for the band to draw you in with their impressive style of heavy based sounds.


Frank Sabbath

Frank Sabbath are a very hard band to describe. Black Sabbath Riffs merged with ideas that wouldn't go amiss from a Frank Zappa record. Parts Doom/Stoner Metal that gives way to some awesome Jazz based Psychedelic Jams. Their latest album – Telluric Wanderers – will take you on a an epic spaced out journey that will have you begging for more.


These are just few of the great bands that Argonauta Records have on their roster. With his 50th release just announced, here's to the next 50 records on Argonauta Records.

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Words by Steve Howe