Monday 8 August 2016

Shadow Witch - Sun Killer - Album Review and Exclusive Album Stream

Release date: August 15th 2016. Label: Snake Charmer Coalition. Format: CD/DD

Sun Killer – Tracklisting

01 (D.O.A) Anticipation
02 Sun Killer
03 Wreckage
04 Blitzkrieg
05 Blood On The Vine
06 Creeper
07 Snout
08 Headless Army
09 Lamp Light
10 Shadow Witch
11 Occupy

Band Members:

Anton Van Kleek – Drums
David Pannullo – Bass/Vocals
Earl Lundy – Lead Vocals/Mellotron/Loops
Jeremy Hall – Guitars


Shadow Witch’s debut album – Sun Killer – shows a band with a lot to say and the balls to pull it off with magnificent style. Shadow Witch made me a fan of their music when they released their pre-release EP earlier this year. The EP had three songs that give the world a brief glimpse into Shadow’s Witch dark majestic world. The album contains a heavy style of Grunge, Psych, Stoner, Doom, Heavy Metal riffs to keep you entertained throughout.

The opening two tracks – (D.O.A) Anticipation and Sun Killer – sees Shadow Witch create a refreshing style of retro based Hard Rock/Metal with a playful and wicked Doom Metal atmosphere. Shades of nineties sounding grunge is merged with heavy Psych/Stoner Rock with the classic rock influenced vocals of Earl on highly confident form. Sun Killer offers one of the albums standout tracks as Shadow Witch show their passion for well-thought out grooves and lyrics to match.

Lead vocalist – Earl – carries on his grunge based vocal delivery for the majority of the album and the album is better for it. Shadow Witch play to their strengths as they deliver an album that is all killer and no filler. Third track – Wreckage – sees Shadow Witch add a harsher Doom/Stoner Metal feel with elements of NWOBHM starting to appear here and there.

Fourth Track – Blitzkrieg sees Shadow Witch show their full musical range as the riffs veer from classic rock to heavy metal but they do include great moments of high voltage Fuzz/Stoner riffs. Add another standout vocal performance from lead vocalist Earl and you finally get to see the real Shadow Witch in action.

Fifth track – Blood On The Vine – is a Psychedelic Doom Metal track that allows the band to maintain a gloomier atmosphere compared to other songs on the album. It can be very trippy at times especially when the band inject Eastern based riffs into the background. The one thing that impressed me the most about this song is how the band change the tempo with a single musical note and intense psych based vocals. You’ll know when you hear the song in full. Perhaps my favourite song on the entire album.

The mood becomes more psychedelic and experimental on the second half of the album. Songs such as Creeper, Lamp Light, Shadow Witch and Occupy perhaps offer the albums heaviest and doomiest moments to sink your teeth into.

The production is simply fantastic as the sound is loud and crisp throughout. Don’t be too surprised that in the near future we see Shadow Witch perform not only some of the most prestigious support/festival slots in their native USA but across the globe as well. This album is a serious statement of intent and it will end up as one of my favourite albums of the year. You need more evidence to check this album out. How about the exclusive stream below courtesy of ace record label – Snake Charmer Coalition

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Brendan at Snake Charmer Coalition for the album stream. Headover to their site and order a copy of this excellent album. Thanks to FullBlast PR for the promo to review


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