Monday 29 August 2016

Augustine Azul - Lombramorfose (Album Review)

Release date: August 16th 2016. Label: More Fuzz Records. Format: CD/DD

Lombramorfose – Tracklisting

1.Amônia 06:10
2.Jurubeba 05:29
3.Cogumelo 04:45
4.Mamatica 04:41
5.Pixo 04:40
6.Intéra 04:14

Band Members:

João Yor
Jonathan Beltrão
Edgard Moreira


I applaud my pal Tanguy over at the excellent blog – More Fuzz, for starting his own record label, More Fuzz Records and signing Augustine Azul as his first signing. Augustine Azul are a Progressive Instrumental Space/Stoner Rock band from Brazil who I wasn't aware of before Tanguy sent me a promo to review.

Now I must say that these guys are not your usual instrumental Stoner Rock band. As they blend elements of Progressive Metal and Jazz into the mix and it gives their sound an almost classical feel. Especially with the delivery of the epic riffs contained throughout the album. Augustine Azul new album – Lombramorfose, won't appeal to everyone as it's quite a complex listen at times. Sure the album has it's fair share of Stoner/Desert riffs but it's the more heavier progressive vibes that some people may find hard to fully enjoy.

I applaud the band for doing something different. It's quite a different sound compared to other Instrumental Rock Bands coming from the South American Stoner Rock scene. The instrumental work is pure magic at times. The guitars have a trippy psychedelic feel that will leave you in a trance. It's good that Augustine Azul add elements of Psych, Blues and Fuzz Rock into their music.

The album is probably best viewed as one epic progressive piece as it doesn't feel or sound like your usual standard album. Progressive Rock based interludes are spliced within the album and it can be very tiring to hear at times. As you could be enjoying an epic Stoner based riff then the next moment, the band change their focus to a more progressive style of music. Most times it works but others the mood falls rather flat.

This only happens a few times as Augustine Azul soon return to winning ways with finely played Stoner/Psych based riffs. Overall, Lombramorfose is a damn good album that will appeal to the more open minded Stoner Rock fan rather than the casual one. Give this album a try as these guys are brilliant musicians and I can see why Tanguy signed them to his new label. Hopefully this will be the one of many to come from More Fuzz Records.

Words by Steve Howe