Thursday 4 August 2016

Naevus - Heavy Burden (Album Review)

Release date: August 19th 2016. Label: Meta Matter Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Heavy Burden – Tracklisting

1.Heavy Burden
2.Black Sun 05:01
4.Dead Summer Day
5.The Whistling Tree
6.Cloudless Sunstreams
7.Future Footprints
8.Timeless Illusion
9.Dancing In The Summer Rain
10.The Dwarves Revenge

Band Members:

Mathis Straub - drums
Sven Heimerdinger - bass guitar
Oliver GroƟhans - guitars
Uwe Groebel - guitars/ vocals


Naevus (Stoner Psych band from Germany, not to be confused with the British experimental band of the same name) have been absent from the scene for a few years (to say the least). The last full length offering from them was in 1998, “Sun Meditation” on Rise Above Records. They released a handful of rare tracks and covers along the way, but were mostly silent during that time. The band had officially got back together in 2012 and has released the soon to be classic, “Heavy Burden”.

In true classic/vintage doom (think Sabbath, Pentagram and early NWOBHM) the riff rules! If you are a wah fan, this is some of the best sounding wah on record! The twin guitar attack is done very well, each taking their own tone and filling up the sonic wall that is Naevus.

Their use of dynamics is what really sets “Heavy Burden” apart. They set up galloping sections with grand walk down passages and aren’t afraid to sit on a riff. The vocals are sung, yes sung! They tend to stick to tried and true subject matter, but it doesn’t sound contrived or forced. There’s a ton of Ozzy in the vocal production, but that has been missing from a lot of bands as of late; in my opinion.
Naevus swings these tracks like they should. In a world of odd time signatures and math rock, it’s refreshing to feel your head nod in that familiar groovy way. Stand out tracks for me are; Black Sun, Dead Summer Day and Dancing In The Summer Rain.

If I were to have one criticism it would have to be that the whole album is a bit clean. The mix could have been a bit rawer. Is that a complaint? Not at all, all the parts have their space and are given equal time in the spectrum. I would love to see how this plays live, with volume and the fever of a crowd. I bet it’s HUGE! Fans of Black Sabbath, Trouble, Pentagram and tasty wah should grab this, turn down the lights for a few hours and enjoy repeated listenings!!

Words by Bill Bensen

Thanks to Timon at Mountain Range PR for the promo. Heavy Burden will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Meta Matter Records from August 19th 2016.