Tuesday 18 October 2016

40 Watt Sun - Wider Than The Sky (Album Review)

Release date: October 14th 2016. Label: Radiance Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Wider Than The Sky – Tracklisting

1. Stages
2. Beyond You
3. Another Room
4. Pictures
5. Craven Road
6. Marazion

Band Members:

Patrick Walker - Guitars & Voice;
Christian Leitch - Drums;
William Spong - Bass


40 Watt Sun returns with a second album. It has been years since the authors brought us “The Inside Room”, but the long wait has not resulted in a drastic difference in demonstrative sound. This band’s main ingredient, as least for for me, has always been about emotional reflection and this ingredient is still the predominant flavor in this braise. Although it may eavesdrop dismal, it is never cold, but more a like a warm broth of growing personality toward self worth.
The real metamorphosis is that this album is unplugged as compared to its predecessor. This offering is essentially without the static din of distortion. The resonating guitar of the past is still here, but the associated doom noise is not, resulting in a silkier, overall kindlier sound. As compared to the first album, the vocals sometimes hit higher notes than before and the music is at times softer in general sound. This record will be more accessible without the noise for those who are turned off by bands that utilize any distortion whatsoever.
Original fans will not be disappointed because this band could just as easily convey passion using only ordinary kitchen gadgets. A final caution: do not listen to this album while under the influence of prescription drugs, especially if you are a pill hoarder, due to the possibility of operating at a more sluggish manner than ever before. This record will slow your heart rate down to that of a humpback whale.
Now, to the songs my fellow music enthusiasts…
Stages” is an unhurried, invisible monster of a song, a lingering venture that exhausts the listener. Tears may well up in your eyes on this slow motion ride of crumbling tragedy. This track is like wood polish that is worked into the grain of your grandma’s thirsty, dry rocking chair. My mouth was literally hanging open by the end.
Beyond You” showcases the power of despondency. The contemplated singing, echoed strumming, lulled lower end, all against the march of a snare. An example of the perfect poignancy in music.
Another Room” is a return to the original oscillator of melancholia. This is a deliberate and receding musical tide, only advanced and retreated with the utmost orchestrated care in timing and consideration. The instruments and vocals are on an equivalent harmonious field of electronic sorrow.
Pictures” is the most buoyant track on this album. The musicians and their contraptions of melody shimmer like gold observed under the water of a warm stream in olden times.
Craven Road” is the soundtrack to humanity vanquished. It is like drawing back a catapult that will never release its load. The worrisome burden of coiled rope will weaken and deteriorate, leaving the rock in its original position upon the earth’s swollen chest.
Marazion” is a rekindle of ancient artistry, which constructs a rectory for strange villagers and is the closest thing to a song of joy for this trio of gloom.
Wider Than The Sky” is not unlike a still life, November colored, painting left out in the random rain. We are drawn to a work of art that is seemingly alive, containing a message, a sonic letter to communicate unalloyed sentiment. The album’s melodious shades streak to evoke emotion so often trapped within our commonplace intellectualism, constituted by a band as unique as a lonely road in an odd season.
The lesson to be learned here: There is only one… 40 Watt Sun. This band is a therapy for pain and they have composed the soundtrack to your life. I recommend reclining outside on a bed of broken almonds and allowing your self to be covered by a blanket of autumn’s falling leaves. For those obsessive thinkers out there, this album recognizes you and is unsurpassed in understanding your mystery. It is best enjoyed alone with all your old ghosts and some of your new ones. Your arms will ache from holding your self so tight.
Words by Nick Palmisano

Thanks to Becky at Pioneer Music Press for the promo. Wider Than The Sky is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from Radiance Records.