Saturday 29 October 2016

Band To Check Out - OLDE

OLDE - Band Members:

Vocals- Doug McLarty
Guitars- Greg Dawson and Chris "Hippy" Hughes
Drums- Ryan Aubin
Bass- Cory McCallum

The LowDown:

OLDE are a Sludge/Doom?Stoner Metal band from Toronto, Canada. Signed to ace record label STB Records, who will be releasing their new album in 2017. OLDE play a modern sounding style of Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal where the riffs are interlaced with psychedelic sounds. Doug's vocals add a certain old-school vibe to their overall sound.

OLDE have released two stunning releases so far in 2016. Their debut album I and their latest EP Shallow Graves. Both records show you why OLDE are worth giving a damn about. OLDE's debut album contains some epic riffs especially on tracks such as Rise To Fall, Heart Attack and Changelings. The album has quite a distorted sound that pummels you into submission.

OLDE's latest release, the excellent EP – Shallow Graves – carries on the distorted Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal magic with 3 new songs for you to enjoy. The band have even included a superb cover of Motorhead classic – Limb From Limb.

If Shallow Graves is anything to by then their forthcoming album on STB Records could be a major highlight. OLDE bridge the gap between the classic and modern day sounds we all know and love. If you haven't listened to OLDE before then this is the perfect opportunity for you to check them out.

Bring on the new album.....

Words by Steve Howe


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