Saturday 22 October 2016

Captains Of Sea And War - Remote (Album Review)

Release date: September 30th 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Remote – Tracklisting

1.Ny Alesund 01:12
2.Aral Tengizi 05:56
3.Socotra 07:33
4.Bemaraha 05:25
5.Assale 08:04
6.Atacama 05:36
7.Aokigahara 04:18
8.Kerman 07:26

Band Members:

Àlex Garcia / Gerard Gual / José Martinez / David Montón


Remote is the second album from Spanish Progressive Post-Rock Stoners – Captains Of Sea And War. I remember listening to their 2014 self-titled debut album and being impressed by their style of highly anthemic post-rock vibes with a heavy Stoner Rock influence. Fast forward two years and Remote is here to impress you from the very start.
Opening track – Ny Alesund – is a brief semi-acoustic post-rock interlude before the real business of heavy post-rock/stoner riffs that appear on the remainder of the album. This is a nicely played track but a stark contrast to the rest of the album.
Second track – Aral Tengizi – is where Captains Of Sea And Water create a powerful musical odyssey by combining Prog Post-Rock Riffs with a distorted psychedelic stoner rock sound. It has moments of quiet passages set against the heavir stoner vibes. The band weave an exciting tale without the need for vocals. If you're a fan of early era Pelican and Russian Circles then you will find much to enjoy here.
The instrumental work sounds fresh and exciting throughout the album. As Captains Of Sea And Water inject a fresh perspective into the world of Instrumental Stoner Rock. The production of the album is handled superbly well though there a few moments where the volume could have been turned down to get a more dramatic effect.
Remote gives you the impression that you're on a musical journey of some sort. With each song representing a chapter in that journey. Some songs are very emotional such as the excellent third track Socotra where the band add soothing vocals to the mix.
Captains Of Sea And War are very much a cinematic band as they create musical landscapes that demand your full attention. Remote is a very hard album to define as the band don't favour one genre over the other. So you end up with a thrilling and quite challenging album to listen to at times. Though it will appeal to fans of Instrumental Rock/Metal music the most.
Remote is an excellent and well rounded album that will last long in the memory.
Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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