Tuesday 26 September 2017

RoadKillSoda - MEPHOBIA (Album Review)

Release date: 4th Quarter 2017. Label: Universal Music. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

MEPHOBIA – Tracklisting

1. Prometheus
2. Bipolar
3. Consequences
4. Easy
5. Casualty
6. Legless
7. Order
8. Dip
9. Backhander
10. Tonight
11. Trust


Mircea Petrescu "Hotshot Eagle" - vox
Mihnea Ferezan "Panda Elixir" - gtrs
Victor "Vava" Ferezan - bass
Mihai Nicolau "Baby Jesus" - drums


RoadKillSoda return with a new album called Mephobia and it's another winning round of high octane Stoner Rock/Metal. Don't let the racy and suggestive album cover fool you. This is RoadKillSoda back on inspired form after their last acoustic offering.

Opening track - Prometheus - opens with a frenzied Desert/Stoner Rock riff with the band creating a heavier Fuzz/Desert Rock sound. The vocals appear a few minutes into the song and they have a more punk based approach. The song also showcases RoadKillSoda new fascination with Blues Rock, as the song moves to a heavier blues rock sound towards the end.

Second song - Bipolar - has a more direct Stoner Metal approach with the band playing a more classic style of Stoner Metal that echoes the classic style of Kyuss. The song sees RoadKillSoda playing a more trippy psychedelic style of music compared to other songs on the album. This is the style of music where RoadKillSoda impress the most. As the psychedelic music allows the band to fully explore their Desert Rock/Stoner Metal sound.

Songs such as Consequences, Easy, Casualty, Order, Backhander and Trust all prove that RoadKillSoda have a real passion and drive for creating stoner metal sounds of their own. The vocals have a grungier feel compared to other RoadKillSoda albums of the past. The album maybe influenced by Kyuss, Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu to closely at times but which modern day Stoner Rock/Metal band isn't. At least RoadKillSoda inject their own identity into their music unlike some other bands within the Stoner Rock/Metal world. At least RoadKillSoda adopt a more Southern Rock approach on the later stages of the album. The lyrics whilst good for the most part do tend to drag on certain songs of the album.

The standout factors of the album is the music, vocals and the excellent production. As this is perhaps the best that RoadKillSoda have sounded so far. For their last studio album, the band released a double album which was quite an extensive and exhausting listen, even for a Stoner Rock/Metal album. This time, RoadKillSoda offer a more direct and manageable album for their established fan-base to worship from afar.

The standout song on the album has to be the nine minute epic psychedelic/stoner based jams of DIP. A song that sees the band playing different styles of Desert/Stoner Rock but with a more progressive edge. DIP has a more classic nineties sounding grunge feel with the band enjoying themselves more than any other song on the album.

RoadKillSoda are definitely aiming for bigger and better things with this album. As it's their biggest and boldest album to date. RoadKillSoda take a wide range of risks on Mephobia and overall it's a major success. This is an album that will no doubt appeal to their established fan-base the most. Though if you're a casual observer there is much to enjoy and admire here. Mephobia is another winning album from RoadKillSoda.

Words by Steve Howe

MEPHOBIA will be released within the 4th Quarter of 2017. The album will be released on CD/DD/Vinyl via Universal Music.