Wednesday 6 September 2017

Label Spotlight - Cursed Tongue Records

Cursed Tongue Records is a newly established DIY vinyl record label situated in the Northern Europe, more precise Denmark. Our focus is on heavy and rocking music of all branches and genres but with a main emphasis on stoner, psych, blues, Occult, doom, desert rock and metal.

Cursed Tongue Records specializes in turning bands material into collectable pieces of art. From carefully selected vinyl colours, highgrade pressing solutions, poly-lined inner sleeves, hand numbering to proper packing and shipping. Detail and quality is at the center of attention and with a keen eye on the aesthetics.

We make vinyl for the fans and collectors based on our passion and own experiences from our lives as avid vinyl collectors. We supply vinyl for the collectors made by collectors. There are no short cuts, or paved ways, only a dream of releasing music that we think deserves attention and glorification on the optimal music medium – vinyl.

Since their inception Cursed Tongue Records have released vinyls by bands such as Neon Warship, Devil's Witches, Green Yeti and Mental Tremors. While still in their infancy, the owners of the label have big plans for the label in the future and are currently working on more great bands to their label.

You can buy Cursed Tongue Records Vinyl from the the following link:

I've bought Neon Warship and Green Yeti on vinyl from Cursed Tongue Records. I can confirm that the band release awesome looking vinyl which not only looks good but sounds pretty spectacular as well.

Headover to their Facebook Page and give their page a like. Even better, buy some great vinyl if you can. As all proceeds goes into funding the next quality release by the label.