Sunday 3 September 2017

TURBOBOBCAT - Pentastar Rocket Ride (EP Review)

Release date: August 12th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Pentastar Rocket Ride – Tracklisting

1.Pentastar 05:59
3.Bigfoot (Ruler of the Shire) 08:33


Federico "Fano" Indelicato - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Davide "Mr White" Guardo - Lead Guitar
Martino "Mr Firebird" Razza - Bass Guitar
Pietro "Pyt" Leanza - Drums


Italian Stoner Rock outfit – TURBOBOBCAT – debut EP – Pentastar Pocket Ride is a highly energetic and vibrant offering with the band offering a vintage style of Desert Rock, Stoner Metal and Fuzzed Out Heavy Metal Riffs. The vocals have a “classic” desert/stoner rock feel. The band take influence from Monster Magnet, Orange Goblin, Motorhead and Wo Fat amongst other bands.

Opening track – Pentastar – is a full-throttled affair with a slight lo-fi punk influence with the band creating a heavy stoner metal sound that does show brief moments of originality and one that allows TURBOBOBCAT to standout from the Stoner Rock crowd. The riffs are loud, heavy and drenched in delicious FUZZ.

Second track – TURBOBOBCAT – is a more exciting song with the band opting for an “Orange Goblin” style sound but adding a more exciting OTT atmosphere. Especially with the lead vocals. The guitars have a vintage sound as TURBOBOBCAT show their true appreciation of Stoner Rock as the band play a collage of Stoner riffs that feel fresh and relevant as they did almost 25 years ago. Though the song does have moments of modern sounding heavy metal vibes to satisfy the more modern Stoner Metal listener.

Third track – Bigfoot (Ruler Of The Shire) – is perhaps best viewed as a concept piece with a very cool story. Shades of Truckfighters style FUZZ keeps the song moving at an exciting pace with distorted riffs being added at different parts of the song. The song is TURBOBOBCAT's most craziest and psychedelic offering on the EP. Grizzled vocals and stoned out guitars make this the standout track on the EP. It's good to see the band experimenting with heavier sounds and vocals. As this proves there's more to TURBOBOBCAT overall sound that this EP is willing to let on. Perhaps we'll discover more on subsequent future releases.

Pentastar Pocket Ride is a very good EP indeed and offers a brief glimpse into a hopefully bright future for these hugely talented rockers. Bring on the full length album.

Words by Steve Howe