Saturday 9 September 2017

Poste 942 - Long Play (Album Review)

Release date: July 8th 2017. Label: BEER BEAR BOAR Prod. Format: CD/DD

Long Play – Tracklisting

1.Batavia 00:10
2.Color of Red 03:24
3.Devil's Complaint 03:41
4.Whiskey 05:43
5.Punky Booster 01:26
6.49.3 02:33
7.Grace 04:04
8.Pigs in Paradise 03:47
9.Lonely Day 03:35
10.Psycho Love Part. I 03:30
11.Psycho Love Part. II 02:15
12.Breathe 05:04
13.Le Chantier 00:21


Poste 942 debut album – Long Play is a very cool and highly confident album indeed. Parts Classic Rock, Stoner Rock, Grunge and Hard Rock all combine for an album that is all about fun and action packed riffs.

The band take influence from AC/DC and they creat many similar sounds that legendary band is known especially with the riffs and vocals. The ablum does contain moments of punk rock vibes which appear on various stages of the album. Songs such as Color Of Red, Devil's Complaint, Whiskey, Pigs In Paradise and Breathe are perhaps the standout songs on the album. As the band move from Classic Rock to heavier Grunge sounds with relevant ease. 

The album does have moments of southern rock grooves merged with soulful blues rock that will soon get your foot tapping. The band have a very seedy and twisted sense of humour which is spliced throughout the lyrics held on the album. It shows you that Poste 942 know how to have fun. 

The production on the album is good for the most part. Though there are a few rough moments where the sound could have done with more work. As it sounds too quiet at times. Overall Long Play is a superb feel-good album with the band never out-staying their welomce. It's not themost groundbreaking album you'll ever here but it will keep you entertained for days to come.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe