Tuesday 21 May 2019

Valley Of The Sun - Old Gods (Album Review)

Release date: May 24th 2019. Label: Fuzzorama Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Old Gods – Tracklisting

1.Old Gods
2.All We are
3.Gaia Creates
4.Dim Vision
5.Shiva Destroys
7.Into the Abyss
8.Faith is for Suckers
9.Buddha Transcends
10.Means the Same
11.Dreams of Sands


Ryan Ferrier-Guitar/Vocals
Aaron Boyer-Drums
Chris Sweeney-Bass and Keys
Josh Pilot-Guitar


Valley Of The Sun – make a welcome return with Old Gods. A fuzzed up and progressive journey of Psychedelic Desert/Stoner Rock sounds that easily ranks as their best album to date. Taking influence from bands such as Truckfighters, Soundgarden, Kyuss, Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu but still creating their own powerful sound. Old Gods is perhaps a darker and more daring style music that we’ve heard from Valley Of The Sun.

Opening song – Old Gods – is an epic sounding mix of Desert Rock, Grunge, Fuzz Rock, Psych and Stoner Metal with a seedy outlook on things. The vocals from Ryan are HUGE and he adds a lot of weight to Valley Of The Sun’s overall sound. The music is quite progressive in places and the ambient based sounds give this album a more spaced out feel.

Second song – All We Are – is classic sounding Valley Of The Sun through and through. With the band playing their trademark fast-paced Desert/Fuzz/Stoner Rock riffs with absolute confidence. The hazy Fuzz Rock vibes is what makes this song work so well. The vocals from Ryan are more laid back and it’s good the hear a different style of vocals from him on this song. Valley Of The Sun have devilish fun playing different styles of Fuzz/Desert Rock near the end of the song.

Third song – Gaia Creates – is a more laidback offering with an acoustic guitar being the main focus before a cool sounding psychedelic riff appears and creates a “dream-like” post-rock atmosphere.

Fourth song – Dim Vision – sees the band return to a heavier, angrier and fast-paced style of Stoner Rock/Metal with a Punk Rock vibe being added for great effect. This is one of the angriest songs on the album and it’s good to see Valley Of The Sun add a more ruthless and aggressive streak to their music.

Fifth - Shiva Destroys – is an eighty second blast of fantastic drumming and other weird sounds. I can see why the band put this song on the album and it’s a very cool to song to admire and that’s mainly for the excellent drumming.

Sixth song – Firewalker – carries on with the aggressive Punk Rock sound heard on Dim Vision but with a heavier and direct Fuzz Rock approach. The song may only last ninety seconds or so but if feels longer and I wanted to hear more of this song. I was disappointed that the song suddenly ends.

Though the show must go on and Valley Of The Sun have five more songs to impressive you with and that they do with the band building upon their Desert/Stoner/Fuzz Rock sound. The second half of the album is perhaps way more psychedelic than the first half and that’s a good thing. As the listener will be fully immersed with the rich and progressive sounds that Valley Of The Sun create here.

Standout songs on the second half of the album include - Into The Abyss, Faith Is For Suckers and Dreams of Sands. As these songs see Valley Of The Sun play the most exciting moments on the album with the Fuzz/Desert/Stoner Rock riffs leave you wanting more.

The production is excellent and is perhaps the best sounding album that Valley Of The Sun have released to date. Valley Of The Sun deserve credit for releasing something different with Old Gods compared to their previous albums.

Old Gods is an outstanding album and ranks as Valley Of The Sun’s best album to date.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Richard at Sheltered Life PR for the promo. Old Gods will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Fuzzorama Records from May 24th 2019.