Wednesday 29 May 2019

Green Oracle - GREEN (Album Review) And Exclusive Full Album Premiere

Release date: May 31st 2019. Label: Argonauta Records. Format: CD/DD

Green - Tracklisting



Thomas Santarsiero
Matteo Anguillesi
Vanni Anguillesi
Giulia Mannocci.


Green Oracle debut album is a majestic sounding release that bridges the gap between Stoner Metal, Doom Metal, Psych and Drone. The album is a heavy and deeply engaging affair with the band offering different Psychedelic Sounds that leave the listener in a meditative state. The album can be deeply challenging to listen to at times especially when Green Oracle switch from straight-forward Psychedelic Stoner Metal to a harsher style of Doom/Drone Metal.

Opening song – Please – is an eighteen-minute epic that starts rather slowly before the band add heavier strands of Spaced Out sounds with a deeply rich Ambient score that reminds me of Ufomammut in places with traces of KYUSS heavy guitars leading the way. The song never outstays it’s welcome and that’s down to Green Oracle’s highly creative use of different Doom/Stoner Metal riffs that have quite an original feel to them. The vocals appear around the eight-minute mark and the song becomes more emotional as a direct result.

Second song – Do – is the most ambitious song on the album as the band take a different approach to the opening song. The eerie vocals create an intense atmosphere with Green Oracle playing Ambient/Drone based Doom for the first half of the song. This may put some people off if they’re expecting heavy sounding Doom/Stoner Metal riffs. This song is influenced by bands such as EARTH and BONG. The song lasts over twenty minutes and most of that time is dedicated to Green Oracle building an ice-cold drone based atmosphere. However, the band do play a “normal” style of Doom/Stoner Metal towards the end of the song. Maybe the band go over the top on this song but it’s a brilliantly weird and highly experimental song that actually makes sense within the context of the album.

Third song – Hallucinogens – carries on the eerie vocals heard on the previous song. However, Green Oracle play the heavy doomed out sounds from the very start and this allows the band to create the standout song on the album. The song runs yet again for an ambitious nineteen minutes and Green Oracle don’t waste a single second creating spellbinding world-weary Heavy Stoner riffs. The second half of the song starts to become heavier and distorted that allows Green Oracle to play some of the heaviest moments held on the album.

If you join up the titles of the three songs, then you can tell the mindset that Green Oracle had in mind for folks when listening to this album and perhaps when they made the album themselves. This album is Heavy Droned Out Psychedelic Stoner Doom of the highest order.

If you dig bands such as BONG, Ufomammut, Hawkwind and KYUSS then you need to check this album out now.

Words by Steve Howe

You can listen to the album here with this Exclusive Album Premiere. Thanks to Mona at All Noir and Gero at Argonauta Records for the album premiere.

You can buy Green on CD/DD via Argonauta Records now.