Friday 24 May 2019

Festival News - DEADWAX TV All Dayer Line-Up Announcement

We're launching our brand spankin' new channel/magazine in the only way we know how: a day full of audible tastiness in the form of some our favourite bands from the UK & beyond..

With a stellar line-up that comprises of Mother Engine, Kurokuma, Tuskar, GNOB, The Brothers Keg and Madmess, earplugs may be a necessity for this one.

And if that weren't enough, we're sprinkling an extra bit of Golden Fuzz with a special GUEST joint-headliner, announced 6th of May!

Jams, DJs, food, sun, and the best vibes guaranteed - what more could you want from a Sunday in June?

Doors: 4pm. Tickets: £14 Adv. Tickets on sale through DICE & TicketWeb UK.

Sponsored by the rad folks over at Pistonhead Lager


Facebook Link Here:

Check out the bands below!

⚈Mother Engine⚈ -

This powerhouse German trio, are essentially an unstoppable three man Progressive Psychedelic Symphony. Having ripped apart various stages across the EU, from Stoned from the Underground, to Freak Valley Festival, Sonic Blast Modelo, to Into the Void, we've got Cheshire Cat smiles at the prospect of welcoming these guys to London!

⚈Kurokuma⚈ -

The backbone of Kurokuma's consistently compelling work consists of its skull-crushing weight and its' psychedelic sludge manifestation. The release of their new EP 'Sheffield's Best Metal Bands Vol 1. “ sees this vision come to fruition in the most perfect way, crafting intoxicating epics that not only thrill in their heaviness and delight in their poignancy. A band that truly embraces a variety of influences, and proves as an absolute delight live, Kurokuma are an experience you'll want to keep reliving.

⚈Tuskar⚈ -

Even in the midst of Sludge/Doom having an exponentially wider reach by the day, TUSKAR have truly succeed in setting themselves apart from the rest of the pack. The face-melting duo will take to the stage at Hoxton to play tunes off their newest EP, "The Tide, Beneath, the Wall".

⚈Gnob⚈ -

This London based band are a crowd favorite, mixing psychedelic rock with exceptional elements of Middle-Eastern and Greek music, a wonderfully strange brew best served hot.
⚈Madmess⚈ -

A relatively new band in the local scene, Portugese trio Madmess are rapidly gaining a following due to their explosive live sets and jams. They'll be bringing their 60s influence in full force to the Deadwax launch. Enjoy the ride!

⚈The Brothers Keg⚈ -

The Brothers Keg's brand of "heavy space psych" is truly a live sight to behold. With their debut album's release on the horizon, one that beckons to be furiously strong, TBK are a sonic force to be reckoned with.