Thursday 5 August 2021

Slowshine Announce Debut Album And Release New Video For LIVING LIGHT

Psych doom power couple Jan and Sabine Oberg (Earth Ship, Grin) have teamed up with drummer André Klein (Earth Ship, The Smokin’ 44s) to form a new heavy noise rock project called SLOWSHINE. Living Light is the band’s first musical outing, consisting of eight sweeping tracks that take cues from post punk, stoner rock, sludge, and shoegaze. 

As Jan Oberg (guitars & vocals) explains, “[Living Light is] about wandering around as the last person or soul on a destroyed planet where nature has finally taken everything back.” The singing, buried under vast layers of distortion and reverb, conveys stories from a post-apocalyptic world that slowly engrave themselves into the listener’s brain. However, Living Light shouldn’t be considered as a warning about impending doom, but rather as an exploration of storytelling through rhythm and texture. Drenched in filters and fuzz, Living Light combines the warmth and haze of seventies UK psychedelia with the expansive driving riffs of stoner rock. 

Songs like “Trails” or “Heights” with their swaggering rhythms really let the brain take the backseat in favour of a more intuitive listening experience. However, before unfastening the top two buttons of their shirt, one should know that SLOWSHINE reference the melodic wall-of-sound dynamics of Torche as much as the vintage big ball swagger of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. On their debut SLOWSHINE excel through a wide range of dynamics, from the contemplative “A Quiet Place” to the explosive “Mother Moon”. 

Being a product of pandemic times, the Living Light was recorded in four live sessions at Jan Oberg’s own Hidden Planet Studio; a tactic which enhances the album’s no-nonsense attitude and sincerity. Nevertheless, the tracks on Living Light contain a sonic depth that would suggest a more tedious recording process. From the low rumbling bass of Sabine Oberg to the shimmering 12-string guitars played by Jan Korbach (neànder, Casper) on “Trails”, SLOWSHINE present a sonic depth befitting of the album’s epic narrative. In combination with a stunning album cover by Benedikt Demmer (Druckwelle), Living Light provides the whole package – a sonic journey through clouds of thunder and vast open spaces. 

Line-up: Sabine Oberg – Bass
Jan Oberg – Guitars, Vocals 
André Klein – Drums 

You can hear their brilliant new song Living Light from their debut album of the same name:

Living Light will be available to buy on: October 8th 2021 (Digital/Tape) November/December 2021 (Vinyl) via The Lasting Dose Records.