Thursday 19 August 2021

NILES Take Flight And Premiere New EP - OWL


Niles comes from the creative mind of Breno Casquet, vocalist and guitarist in the band Casquetaria and owner of the label Fuzzrious. Founded in late 2018, the project approach to the Drone sound with experimentation of psychedelic dimensions, Indian environment and nuances trials. Developing this musicality, the project has alreadyhas two albums: “Niles” and “Amor Fati”, both released in February 2021. Through changes in sound a nd approach, the latest experimentation of the project is "Owl", EP that will be released in August,20 acting as a profusion of feeling "evoking the fuzz out of the chest" from a riff factory.

The EP “Owl”

"OWL" represents the duality of the human being and its consequences interpretations under nature that somehow tries to dominate. The Greeks said that the owl is the symbol of wisdom for considering the night with the moment of intellectual revelation and philosophical thought. And the owl for having nocturnal habits ended up representing the search for knowledge. Because of this, the goddess Athena had an owl as a mascot. North American Indian tradition says the owl lives in the East, a place of enlightenment. Just like mankind fears the darkness, the owl sees the black of night. However, in the Roman Empire for example the bird was considered ominous and your singing would foreshadow the near death

The experience offered by the EP suggests both speed and calm, permeating by instrumental songs with intervals and attention to each instrument. The 4 tracks represent an intro and light and the flame for approaches of symbolism and mysticism. The beautiful art comes from by Hellio Goatgrinder and translates the effects of each compounding element to consolidate meaning, and brings the meaning of the songs to life. The tracks were produced on Home Studio “Fuzzy Life” in São Paulo and was mastered by Thiago Nascimento at Gambs Studio in São José do Rio Preto. “Owl” will be officially released on digital platforms on August 20th.

You can hear the fantastic EP below thanks to Niles and Bruxa Verde