Friday 6 August 2021

South African heavy rock power trio Caution Boy reveal the video for new single Silence The Screams

The times are changing… and so is Caution Boy, what began as a demented, alternative punk rock "karaoke from hell" solo project; has metamorphosized into a monstrous trio, who's only mission is to destroy stages, ear drums & the normalized standards of society. Andi Cappo on the strings & screams, Treveshan Pather on the oh so low notes & Archie Kinnon on hides & twigs.

Today sees the release of their new single Silence The Screams, a hard hitting, static, mid-tempo, alternative grungy composition about “harbouring frustrations and lying to others for the sake of those around, even if this affects you in a negative way & leaves you blind to the effect it actually has on them & yourself” as the band explain. Taken from their forthcoming album Alligator, which is set for release on the 10th of September via Mongrel Records.

Watch Silence The Screams below

What started as a sardonic reference to the cheesy phrase "see you later, alligator", turned into a ferocious animal, relentless, waiting to tear you limb from limb. The upcoming album is a near perfect resemblance to this time of pandemic we find ourselves in - everything is going to shit, but shit is still funny.

Alligator was co-produced and recorded by the band in a few days, spread over a few months from late 2020 to early 2021, with Evert Snyman (Pollinator, Ruff Majik) from Pariah Studios; in the co-producer’s driving seat, and in charge of the recording, mix and master.

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Thanks to Warren at Plug Music Agency for all of the details