Sunday 15 August 2021

Glasgow Coma Scale - Sirens (Album Review)

Release Date: 17th September 2021. Record Label: Tonzonen Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

Sirens - Tracklisting

1. Orion

2. Magik

3. Underskin

4. Sirens

5. Day 366

6. One Must Fall


Piotr Kowalski - guitars, programming

Marek Kowalski – bass guitar

Lala Adamowicz - drums


'Sirens' is Glasgow Coma Scale's third album but the only one I've listened to so far. How I have managed to miss this excellent trio from Frankfurt, Germany, is a mystery and shame on me! I'm a sucker for instrumental music when done right and Glasgow Coma Scale go way beyond that, so I am happy they finally appeared in my life.

They use their excellent musicianship to the fullest without overindulging, instead they build a wonderful foundation which allows them to create amazing images and soundscapes. Moving between tempos helps in this process and it helps to hit the right emotions. And to me this is catharsis music. What I mean is Glasgow Coma Scale rejuvenate and heal with their songs in the most perfect way. Every spin of 'Sirens' makes me feel so good, happy and relaxed. So follow me as I try to guide you through the wonder and beauty these guys project!

This Glasgow Coma Scale journey begins with what feels like travelling through a wondrous supernova, well the way I perceive it to feel, before the band launches into opener ‘Orion’. Keeping it mid-paced until it drops to the sound of space with a backdrop of a sampled voice. Eventually the song gradually builds up and I am transported into a realm where the cleansing and rebuilding begins. 

Magik’ picks up where ‘Orion’ left off but before you know it Glasgow Coma Scale get slightly heavier and faster only to slow down. As the pace weaves back and forth until the end when the song gets crushingly heavy, I feel more and more negativity wash away from me and something good is happening. The band is definitely working it’s magik on me. I come out of it floating in the ethereal world that is ‘Underskin’. Amazing images move in my line of vision before taking over my whole being; body, soul and mind are overrun with such a wonderful sensation and sense of well-being and joy. As the new me is taking shape the music increases in volume and intensity. 

This intensity continues in ‘Sirens’ where a sense of curiosity is present as I’m in the process of taking in the new me, all while interpreting and viewing the world around me with different eyes. ‘Day 366’ follows and it starts in a calm and serene fashion but erupts early on before settling in to that wonderful weaving back and forth Glasgow Coma Scale does so elegantly. A new dawn is rising for the recreated me as the feeling of wonder and curiosity as well as new-found hope is everywhere around. 

This amazing journey ends with ‘One Must Fall’. Musically it encapsulates the entire album when it comes to moods and tempos. For me personally this is where the old me and the new me come head to head and so far the new one always comes out on top. Fabulous!

After countless times listening to it, it’s impossible to let go of ‘Sirens’. Each time new things happen which builds on the greatness from all the previous spins, which in turn expands Glasgow Coma Scale’s immense talents. The foundation laid down by Marek and Lala, bass guitar and drums respectively, sets the tone for the whole album. What they do creates the platform and the freedom for Piotr to weave his magic wand and presto, magik happen. Together these three gentlemen are unstoppable, absolutely unstoppable and if life was fair Glasgow Coma Scale should rule the world. Ignore them at your peril!

Words by Håkan Nyman

Thanks to Creative Eclipse PR for the promo

Sirens will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl via Tonzonen Records from September 17th 2021


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