Tuesday 8 February 2022

Bevar Sea - The Timeless Zone (Album Review)

Release Date: February 04th 2022. Record Label: Metal Assault Records. Format: CD/DD

The Timeless Zone  - Tracklisting

The Timeless Zone

Alpha None

Sterilise The Divide

The Circle

Kiss The Sigh

Cadaver Awake


Bevar Sea return after a five year absence with their new album The Timeless Zone. An album that sees the band expand on their fantastic Doom/Stoner Metal sound by adding themes of Heavy Metal, Psych Rock and Prog Rock. The record is stylishly made with Bevar Sea focusing more on classic Heavy Metal than modern day Doom/Stoner Metal and there’s a lot of that stuff around on the album.

Opening song The Timeless Zone runs past the 8:30 minute mark with Bevar Sea bringing a more refined style of music compared to their previous releases. The music is quite an entertaining spectacle of different styles that Bevar Sea haven’t tried before. Switching between Heavy Metal and strands of Doom/Stoner Metal gives this album a feeling of Prog Metal. There’s a high amount of different guitar grooves being played at once. Sure it can be too flashy at times but when the music is this good its best not to argue and go for the ride. If you’re looking for an addictive 80's Heavy Metal style with modern day Doom/Stoner Metal grooves with a menacing vocal presence then Bevar Sea have you covered. 

The album carries on this style of music for the rest of the album with five more songs to impress you with. Bevar Sea takes the best grooves and riffs from the last forty years of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with a modern day Doom/Stoner Metal makeover. 

Standout songs are: The Timeless Zone, Alpha None, Sterilise The Divide and Cadaver Awake. The majority of the songs run between six to nine minutes in length with each song having different styles of music to keep the whole atmosphere wildly entertaining and wholly original in some cases. The final two songs Kiss The Sigh and Cadaver Awake are perhaps the most hard-hitting and heaviest tracks on the record that some listeners will consider the best part of the album.

India doesn’t have a major presence within the Doom/Stoner Metal scene and it’s great to see Bevar Sea flying the flag and making major creative strides themselves from their previous two albums. The Timeless Zone is their most mature and accomplished release to date.

Overall, The Timeless Zone is an exceptionally produced and superbly made record that has wider appeal to other factions of the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal community and not just the Doom/Stoner Metal community. A must have record. End Of.

Words by Steve Howe


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