Monday 21 February 2022

AcidSitter Release New Video For New Song STAYWATCH

AcidSitter - a musical association of experienced psychonauts from Krakow, exploring a wide range of psychedelia with rock’n’roll passion and punk energy.


Tetsuya Nara (Tumbling Walls, Rajka)
Rafał Klimczak (Neal Cassady, Świniary)
Tomek Głuc (Neal Cassady, Nucleon)
Filip Franczak ( Fractals, Tumbling Walls, Kaseciarz). 

If Roky Erickson were alive, he would have liked it. So, that’s it. Tune in. Set in. Drop dead.

PS. Make Acid Great Again!

You can watch the video for their new song Staywatch