Wednesday 2 February 2022

Mud Spencer - Fuzz Soup (Album Review)

Release Date: January 24th 2022. Record Label: Argonauta Records. Format: CD/DD

Fuzz Soup- Tracklisting

1.Razana 02:01

2.Back To Origin 05:03

3.Fuzz Soup 04:31

4.Quest For Fire 04:51

5.Ride The Mammoth 04:28

6.Argapura 02:44

7.The Shelter 03:51

8.Surfin The Dune 04:20

9.The Cheating Mole 04:43

10.Tumulus 04:41

11.Narcolepsy 04:35


Fuzz Soup is the debut album from Indonesian Instrumental Stoner Rockers Mud Spencer. The album sees Mud Spencer playing a sixties and seventies based trippy psychedelic mix of Stoner Rock, Doom Rock and Fuzz Rock. Mud Spencer feels in complete control of their own crazy hard rocking world. The album has different styles of Stoner Rock/Metal that may take some time to fully get accustomed to. However, there’s something for everyone to enjoy if you’re a serious follower of Stoner Rock/Metal.

The album is quite jagged with its production values. The production is superb but it can be quite jarring when Mud Spencer brings in different flavours of Psych Stoner Rock that even moves into Jazz and Middle Eastern musical territories. The sixties hard rock attitude is very easy to spot especially on the two opening tracks of Razana and  Back To Origin.

Back To Origin even has elements of Surf Rock before moving back to a kick-ass modern Karma To Burn-esque guitar riff-fest. The instrumental work is proggressive in many ways and you don’t instantly feel or hear that at first. As the music sticks within the standard rules of Stoner Rock/Metal but Mud Spencer uses tricks of the Prog Rock trade to get their music across more substantially. 

There are a lot of Psychedelic Freakouts throughout the album that scream “SIXTIES PSYCHEDELIA” before burying itself underneath an avalanche of dirty and scuzzy FUZZ ROCK jams. Check out songs such as: Fuzz Soup, Quest For Fire and Surfin The Dune for prime examples of this. 

The album maybe a little too long and experimental in places but there’s a lot of great soulful sounds and grooves to fully appreciate. The album does move at a breakneck speed. The second half of the record contains perhaps the heaviest and darkest sounds on the record but still allowing the listener to fully enjoy and immerse themselves with Mud Spencer’s “weirdo” brand of Psychedelic Stoner Rock.

The album oozes CREATIVE CONFIDENCE and perhaps HIPSTER COOL that is fine by me. It’s good to listen to a daring and bold Stoner Rock/Metal album and that’s what Mud Spencer have delivered with this spellbinding album. An almighty trippy riff-fest from start to finish.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to All Noir PR for the promo.

Fuzz Soup is available to buy digitally now and CD from Argonauta Records.


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