Saturday 18 June 2022

Dolor - Let Rain Fall Eternal (Album Review)

Release Date: June 01st 2022. Record Label: Blue Bedroom Records. Format: CD/Cassette/DD

Let Rain Fall Eternal - Tracklisting

1.Separate From Yourself 10:54

2.One More Cut 07:00

3.Blighted 05:28

4.The Collapse Of Truth 08:30


Trent Kremeier - Vocals

Cameron Davis - Guitars, Synths, Piano

Arthur Callies - Bass

Aaron Budny - Drums


Let Rain Fall Eternal is the new album from Progressive/Post-Metallers Dolor with the band adding a twisted and blackened vision to the mix. Partly inspired by Deafheaven and Pallbearer. This album is on the harsher side of Post-Metal and some may consider this Post-Black Metal with the heavy shrieking vocals that firmly remain in the more extreme side of metal.

Opening song Separate From Yourself has all the classic hallmarks and tricks from the Post-Metal underground but the atmosphere is quite noisy, glitchy and abstractly violent. The tone of the song has a fresh “DIY” appeal and Dolor plays some excellent Sludge based grooves whilst injecting a little bit of Ambient/Psych/Post-Rock surroundings into their overall sound. Abstract vibes appear when the clean vocals make an appearance and you feel you’re listening to an entirely different band but it works to Dolor’s favour. As they show many different sounds and multiple identities to create an engaging and complex listen.

Second song One More Cut carries on with the bleak grooves that have a certain distorted and downtuned feeling to them. Dolor plays a more riff-heavy blackened approach on this song with the Deafheaven aspect and influence coming into play. The song has a wicked stop/start approach with the rapid fire guitar sounds working quite well with the slower elements of the song. Perhaps the most calming and aggressive song on the album with Dolor living outside the Post-Metal world and more within the Blackened underground whilst making a song that’s easily accessible to outsiders as well. The instrumental work is first-rate with the harsh extreme vocals from Trent. All building up to perhaps my favourite song on the album.

The final two songs Blighted and The Collapse Of Truth allow Dolor to take things further with more experimental sounds coming into play on Blighted.

Blighted is more of an Ambient/Drone/Doom based song with purely an instrumental focus. It’s good to see a different side to Dolor.

Things do become heavier and gloomier which Dolor handles with creative ease on the final song The Collapse Of Truth which is another one of the album's finest moments which leaves you wanting more.

The album isn’t the best produced but that’s what Dolor wanted to achieve with this release as the band give this description of the album:

Salvaged from a corrupted hard drive, Dolor's "Let Rain Fall Eternal," presents four cuts of something uncompromisingly bitter and morose. This album is the product of years of neglect, stunted progress, and resurrection. Progressive post sludge for those of us still stuck in the muck. Languishing in a pit of despair. Longing for a way out...

However, the whole sound of the record is quite captivating with its raw intensity you can hear from start to finish.

Let Rain Fall Eternal isn’t going to be for everyone. However, if you’re looking for an album to unleash your aggression against today’s uncertain times then Dolor is the band for you. 

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe