Wednesday 29 June 2022

Exclusive Premiere Of VEILCASTE / TUSK Split Album. Released via Wise Blood Records.

Wise Blood Records are releasing the outstanding heavy as hell split release from Doom/Post-Metallers TUSK and Doom/Sludge Metallers VEILCASTE.

Both bands offer two original tracks of their own with a cover of classic tracks from Cannibal Corpse and The Misfits. bands. TUSK cover Cannibal Corpse classic Festering In The Crypt and VEILCASTE cover The Misfits classic Return Of The Fly.

Jesse Curtis (vocalist/guitarist of Tusk) says this about the split release:

“It had been awhile since we had released any music, so when the opportunity came up to release a couple of tracks with our friends in Veilcaste the decision was a no-brainer! They told us they were doing a cover and wanted us to do one as well. After a long deliberation we decided on one of our favorite Cannibal Corpse songs, and took advantage of being friends with one of the best death metal vocalists in Brandon Howe (Mother of Graves) to lay down a guest spot on our half of the split.”

Jon Rau of Veilcaste says this about the split release:

“We are so excited to release this split with our friends in Tusk. It’s a fun way to release some new songs and give everyone a taste of our new full length coming out this fall. We chose to cover “Return of the Fly” by Misfits, because it’s one of the few Misfits songs that hasn’t been covered to death, it’s a little more obscure, and we felt we could really make it our own.”

Both bands offer DOOM based levels of PURE Heaviness and you can hear the full release with this premiere courtesy of Wise Blood Records.


1.VEILCASTE - Dust & Bone
2.VEILCASTE - Mirrors
3.VEILCASTE - Return Of The Fly
4.TUSK - Disquiet
5.TUSK - Entering The Flesh Again
6.TUSK - Festering In The Crypt

TUSK Links

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Veilcaste | Tusk split release will be released on CD/DD/Cassette via Wise Blood Records on July 1st 2022.

Thanks to Sean at Wise Blood Records for all of the info.