Friday 10 June 2022

Introduce Yourselves: Tribunal

What is the name of your band?


What is the genre of music that you play?

A potent mixture of Metal and Sludge

Can you give a brief history of the band of how it came together and where it is today?

Tribunal was formed in 2016 when founding members Don Gibbons and Tom Wilkinson met through a mutual band. Their shared passion for bands such as Alice in Chains and Tool was enough for them to start playing music together, and eventually recording music.

Sam Levine has joined the group most recently on bass, bringing punchy low end with a melodic feel.

The trio calls Seattle home, and is currently working on their next record.

What can people expect from your music?

Unique patterns, good choruses, thoughtful song arrangements

What is the best release that folks should check out from your band?

Our debut album is called “The Pieces Go”. Our sophomore album will be released in 2023

Where can people find you on Social Media?