Saturday 25 June 2022

Iron & Stone - Mountains And Waters (EP Review)

Release Date: June 17th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD/Vinyl

Mountains & Waters - Tracklisting

1.Cosmic Eye 04:33

2.Loose The Day 04:50

3.Vultures 04:47

4.Unbroken 04:26


Mountains & Wizards is the new EP from Doomed Out Desert/Stoner Rockers Iron & Stone and is the first release of a three part series of EP’s where the band redefine and recreate their sound. The EP is a wickedly entertaining release with Iron & Stone calling upon the legendary Californian Desert/Stoner Rock scene with gloomy atmospherics leading the way.

First song Cosmic Eve has a distinctive DIY/LO-FI sound with the band playing a mixture of classic nineties sounding Desert/Stoner Rock but with a Psych Doom vibe that brings new levels of heaviness from the band. The song has an aggressive style of FUZZ ROCK with the Desert/Stoner Rock grooves being played at a ferocious fast pace. The vocals are excellent and fit the music superbly well.

Second song Loose The Day has a slight KYUSS influence with the Psychedelic sounds moving further into the realm of Stoner Metal. The song is LOUD and AGGRESSIVE with Iron & Stone playing a gloomier style of music. The music is downright catchy and melodic in places and I dig this sound from the band. As it flirts between Desert/Stoner Rock, Psych Rock and Grunge in places. Perhaps the standout track on the EP.

The final two songs Vultures and Unbroken follow the same pattern as the opening two songs with perhaps offering the heaviest and far-out sounds on the EP especially on the excellent third track Vultures. 

Iron & Stone are off to a winning start with Mountains & Waters and with the EP allowing the band to try their hand at something different compared to their previous releases. Backed up by superb production values, this is a thrilling and adventurous release that makes me excited for the future releases from the band.

Excellent & Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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