Monday 20 June 2022

Hundred Year Old Man - Sleep In Light (Album Review)

Release Date: June 17th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Sleep In Light  Tracklisting

1.A New Terror 11:08

2.Sleep In Light 09:50

3.I Caught a Glimpse of Myself on Fire 16:48

4.Seldom 04:49

5.Honne 08:01

6.Stone Sail 09:13

7.Monoamine 07:33

8.Livyatan 13:00


Owen Pegg  Guitar

Tom Wright  Guitar

David Ashley Duxbury  Vocals

Andy Baron  Drums

Mark Howes  Synths and Vocals

Helen Tytherleigh  Bass


Sleep In Light is the new album from UK Post-Metallers Hundred Year Old Man (HYOM). Drifting further into the Post-Black Metal Abyss compared to their debut album Breaching. The album allows HYOM to take influences and cues from such luminaries as Cult Of Luna, Neurosis and ISIS with the band bringing a more Progressive and Sci-Fi focus to the storytelling with this album.

A ferocious onslaught of Pitch-Black Progressive Sounds allows HYOM to bring a more violent approach to their own style of Drone based Doom/Post-Metal. The haunting Ambient Soundscapes are used wisely on opening song A New Terror with the heavy Post-Black Metal atmospherics still maintaining a world-weary presence. The vocals move from Death based growls to a more Hardcore style vocal delivery but it’s the music that is the real standout here. Moving from ethereal based Post-Metal to the more threatening Drone/Blackened Sludgy sounds. The final part of the song is just pure CINEMATIC ECSTASY with the sludgy guitars having a volatile DRONE METAL sound that ranks as some of HYOM’s finest work to date.

Second song Sleep In Light continues with the mellow and heavy sonic journey from the previous track but with a more distorted and carefree sound. This reminds myself of early era ISIS in many ways. Sure, the vocals are heavier and music perhaps gloomier but the whole musical imagery has the creative essence of that legendary band but HYOM still create their own definitive sound on this track. The song moves between the cracks of Doom Metal and Sludge Metal with HYOM playing different strands of heavy distorted sounds that leave little to the imagination. The vocals yet again add a powerful and menacing touch to proceedings with the gut wrenching lyrics doing their job brilliantly well.

Other standout songs include: I Caught A Glimpse Of Myself On Fire, Honne, Stone Sail and Livyatan

As these songs prove why HYOM are perhaps the finest Post-Metal band the UK scene has to offer. The way the band fuses the quieter Ambient Post-Rock parts within the heavier and emotionally charged Sludge/Post-Metal sounds is nothing short of groundbreaking. The instrumental work is first rate with each member putting in amazing performances across the board.

The album may have some folks complaining about the excessive length of it all. As the album runs near the seventy nine minutes mark. However, HYOM go all out on this release and they succeed in playing some of the heaviest and finest Post-Metal grooves you’re likely to hear all year. 

Sleep In Light is a daring work of art from Hundred Year Old Man and is perhaps one of the defining Post-Metal albums of this year or any other year for that matter.

Words by Steve Howe


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