Thursday 11 April 2024

Exclusive Album Premiere Of Psych Doom/Stoner Rockers ELK WITCH Debut Album AZIMUTH Out via Majestic Mountain Records

A magnificent release from the mountainous high desert landscapes of Southern Oregon, Elk Witch bring the thunder with "Azimuth', their second full length album to life and MMR is pleased to be able to give it the Majestic treatment.  We hope you enjoy this deeply chugging slice of the Oregon high desert stoner doom in all it's heavy glory and we thank you for tuning in, turning on and riffing out with us.

You can listen to the album below thanks to the awesome folks over at Majestic Mountain Records:

Elk Witch emerged into heavy consciousness in 2019, founded by guitarist/vocalist Deven Andersen, bassist Darren Wostenberg, and drummer Joe Coitus. The three united to combine their influences into hazy expressions of classically blazing Stoner/Doom with elements of Prog/Rock. Full of raw energy and a seamless blending of modern Stoner/Doom metal rooted in classic 70s and 90s Metal and Rock. 

Elk Witch critics have noted that fans of legendary bands such as Black Sabbath, The Sword, The Obsessed and Freedom Hawk will be captivated by Elk Witch's burly, riff-driven profile.

Their debut EP "The Mountain," released in 2019, was followed by an expansion on the theme as Elk Witch went back to the studio in 2021 completely re-producing the release while adding two new tracks. "Beyond the Mountain," released in 2022 continued on the theme set in motion while also featuring two new tracks. Two placings on the mighty Doom Charts later, the band's reach extends far beyond Oregon, and now in a partnership with Majestic Mountain Records, Elk Witch is poised to release their second album “Azimuth."

From the band:

It’s a surreal feeling to be able to call Majestic Mountain Records home. MMR was on our minds from the get-go of making our second record. It seemed like a natural home for our band for too many reasons to list. There's this undeniable vibe about MMR that resonates with us, and we're genuinely psyched about what it represents in the heavy underground scene. Marco is a cool dude, and he has built something awesome with MMR. 

We feel honored to be among all the incredible bands on the MMR roster, and the prospect of adding our sonic fingerprint to their already killer catalogue is exciting. If you know anything about us, you know our obsession with mountains runs deep - "Mountain" found its way into the titles of our last two releases. Our lyrics too, are woven with references to mountains and nature throughout, so we also felt a draw and natural connection with MMR there. MMRs geographical location also seems like a dream come true with Sweden being a major force in the heavier and slower side of metal. We look forward to working with MMR and can’t wait for our upcoming album to get out there and be heard.”

“Azimuth is a natural progression from our first album, pushing the ingredients of those songs into a more refined and diverse selection of songs. This time around, we're delving into broader subject matters that extend beyond the earthly realms, exploring both the past and the future of existence. The title 'Azimuth' felt like the perfect fit, symbolizing direction and serving as the compass that guided us through the album's creation. In terms of sound, we aimed to obtain a sound that was operating at higher sonic level while also achieving clarity but retaining the core sound we have developed. 

Recording was a process, we spent 20 days tracking and 45 days mixing, with a significant time spent building in some additional underlying layers. Our goal was to enhance the production value compared to our last album, all while stayingvconsistent with delivering original hand-painted artwork for the album cover. We hope all this comes through in finished record.” - Elk Witch

"Azimuth" hits the street officially on 12.04 and you'll find this heady gem on Pre-Sale now from Majestic Mountain Records with the full "Majestic treatment." A gorgeous full matte gatefold with 10mm spine, 180g heavyweight vinyl in a beautifully burly, colour in colour marbled red and smokey grey. 33rmp heaviness limited to 250 copies (only 100 available in the MMR shop) the album comes with a black polylined inner sleeve and is protected in a plastic sleeve as always.

Track list:


Dead Silence – 4:59
Azimuth– 6:00
Liminal Space – 1:32
Empyrean – 5:35


Vortex – 2:41
Universe 25 – 3:23
Space Drift – 4:01
Ghosts of the Lupatia – 5:05
Goddess of Winter – 4:36


Deven Andersen ~ Guitar / Vocals
Darren Wostenberg ~ Bass
Joe Coitus ~ Drums
Produced by: Elk Witch
Engineered by: Deven Andersen
Mixed by: Deven Andersen
Recorded & Mixed at Vortex Studios – Central Point, Oregon
Mastered by: Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio – New Windsor, New York
Album Cover: Adam Burke @nightjarillustration
Gatefold Images: @Nibera and @Jadoarts
Gatefold Layout & Graphics: Deven Andersen

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