Wednesday 17 April 2024

Old Painless - Demo Songs (EP Review)

Release Date: April 05th 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Demo Songs - Tracklisting

1.Deep And Wide 05:04

2.Fleetfooted Mankiller 04:25

3.Just Another Case Of Bad Luck 05:10

4.Rusty Hammer 06:50



Andy - Bass

Dave - Vocals

Lewis - Drums

Nathan - Guitar


Old Painless are from Manchester, UK and play a great style of Desert/Stoner Rock with the right level of Metal aggression that allows their Fuzzed Up Sound to combine for a damn cool time which sees moments of Classic Rock, Punk Rock and Garage Rock starting to emerge throughout their debut release Demo Songs.

With the word “Demo” in the title, the EP does have a raw-sounding background with a proper DIY flavour to the EP. The songs are quite melodic with Dave’s vocals coming from the old school of Punk Rock/Stoner Rock. 

The four tracks on the record sees Old Painless continuously impress even further with their music becoming more adventurous especially on tracks such as Fleetfooted Man Killer, Just Another Case Of Bad Luck and Rusty Hammer. The whole sound becomes more metallic along the way with Old Painless starting to bring a Thrashier sound to the record. 

There’s a lot of very cool instrumental sounds and muscular vocals from Dave. The band aren’t reinventing the wheel but their promise and huge potential shines throughout and with a better produced release then Old Painless could be on the right track making a name for themselves within the UK Stoner Rock scene.

Overall, Demo Songs is an action-packed release with heavy grooves and movements influenced by bands such as Orange Goblin, Clutch and Valiant Thorr that will no doubt allow the band to gain some followers along the way.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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