Saturday 13 April 2024

Amigo - Good Time Island (EP Review)

Release Date: Jan 01st 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: Cassette/DD

Good Time Island - Tracklisting

1.Telescope Boy 03:44

2.Banana Phone 03:40

3.Dope Den 03:43

4.Frog Face 03:30

5.Me and Soof 03:14


Good Time Island is the new EP from Alt-Rock/Fuzz/Stoner Rockers Amigo who released a rather cool album called Little Cliffs back in 2018 which I rated very highly. This time round Amigo brings a classic Hard Rock energy to Good Time Island that’s packed full of subtle Psych Stoner Rock sounds and a free-flowing 1980’s Alt Rock attitude that appears mostly through the kick-ass vocals and spiky lyrics.

The sound is quite refreshing and even RETRO at times but Amigo’s use of modern day Fuzz/Stoner Rock allows them to play a heavier style of music despite the “POP” overtones of the opening track of Telescope Boy. Though, I can’t deny how superbly “catchy” the opening song is, which is delivered by some epic sludgy guitars on the later stages of the track.

Amigo adds deft touches of synths within the excellent second track Banana Phone with the EP becoming more dominated by an Alt Rock sound. The use of Psychedelic sounds gives a fresh perspective to Amigo’s sound with the added use of distorted guitars working superbly well with the fantastic clean sounding vocals. And even Classic Hard Rock guitar shredding to fully transport you back to the hedonistic times of the 1980’s Rock scene.

Good Time Island does become more daring with the final tracks on the EP with Dope Den and Frog Face being the standout tracks on the whole EP. The music is quite similar to the opening two tracks but the lyrics give the release a more “Mature” delivery whilst keeping within their hopeful "POP" sensibility that Amigo excels at throughout the whole EP.

Good Time Island is a bold, brash and genuinely exciting EP from Amigo which is packed full of killer tracks that will surprise you a great deal.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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