Thursday 4 April 2024

Polish Doom Band Sunnata release new single 'Wishbone' with live studio session video

Photo by Kamil Parzychowski

Feral wilderness prophets Sunnata, (sanskr. noun emptiness, voidness) have released a new single, 'Wishbone', ahead of their fifth full-length album Chasing Shadows which will be self-released on 10th May. The single is accompanied by a live session video, by Jan Gajewski, of the band performing at Soulstone Gathering in Poland

Check out ‘Wishbone (live session at Soulstone Gathering)’ here:

Pre-order Chasing Shadows here:

Sunnata commented on the new single: "You’re doomed, adrift through life, and have no control. That’s what it’s all about.

"'Wishbone' is the first song written for what later became Chasing Shadows, our new album. Although at the first glimpse it seems to be a simple song, it has a couple of twists hidden in its meanings and technicalities. Let’s start from the fact that in contrary to a popular custom, we think that you won’t have your wish granted and the lyrical theme explores the idea of having very limited control over your life, or insignificance of made choices as the end-result.

"Secondly, when our drummer Robert created this ear-worming groove, he wanted to sneak it in to at least 2 other songs, cause he couldn’t stop playing it. Eventually it also led him to writing the crazy ass middle-eastern drums for another section of the song.

"And last but not least - it’s the first song from Chasing Shadows which we have ever performed live and we decided to drop a video from this performance for the single premiere! The song was quite fresh to us during the recording, but we are proud to reveal yet another piece of the most complex record of ours to date. Preach!"

Hailing from Warsaw, Poland, the four-piece doom metal sorcerers have been forging their own path towards the celestial realms of metal since their debut album Climbing The Colossus in 2014. Their mesmerising second album Zorya in 2016 propelled them further into the spotlight of the European alternative heavy scene, garnering increased momentum. The release of their third album Outlands in 2018 showcased a newfound depth of character, boldly venturing into the realms of progressive doom and exploring melancholic and mind-expanding avenues. Their fourth opus, Burning in Heaven, Melting on Earth in 2021, proved to be their most transcendent work yet, seamlessly blending heaviness, intensity, and tenderness into a harmonious and captivating fusion that captivated fans and critics worldwide, demanding recognition and admiration.

With Chasing Shadows, Sunnata ventures into uncharted territory, pushing the boundaries of their sonic landscape to new heights. This album represents their most intricate and multifaceted work yet, delving into the extremes and nuances of their musical essence. Each track on Chasing Shadows weaves an alluring doomscape, filled with timeless and enthralling narratives. Garnering acclaim from both fans and critics alike, Sunnata has now unlocked a boundless realm of creative freedom, poised to explore limitless possibilities in their musical journey

Commenting on the album: "The fifth album for a band like ours is no joke. We are extremely proud on one hand, but also exhausted on the other as the creative process pushed us to the current limits. It’s the most complex and longest Sunnata record to date. Filled with nuances, genre blends and confident expansion of the band’s sound spectrum. Anyone familiar with our discography can easily tell that both change and experimentation are part of our nature, but at the same time - the constant need to push ourselves outside of the comfort zone, go beyond - is what stretches one's limits. Maybe this is why we liked the title so much - we are chasing the uncatchable - shadows, illusions, visions and try to frame them with our musical language."

Watch previous videos for 'Chimera' here and 'Saviour's Raft' here.

Renowned for their emotive and immersive live shows, Sunnata have graced the stages of numerous international festivals and shared billing with esteemed acts such as Mastodon, Paradise Lost, Entombed AD, Rotting Christ, Sleep, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, and The Sword. In celebration of their upcoming album release, Sunnata will embark on a summer tour, captivating audiences on the following dates (see below).

May 10: (PL) Warsaw - Hybrydy - Release Party
May 13: (CZ) Brno, Kabinet Muz
May 14: (HU) Budapest, Robot
May 15: (AT) Salzburg, Rockhouse
May 16: (DE) Jena, Klub Kuba
May 17: (BE) Liege, La Zone
May 18: (UK) London, Desertfest
May 20: (FR) Lille, La Bulle Cafe
May 21: (BE) Brussels, Le Lac
May 22: (NL) Nijmegen, Merelyn
May 23: (DE) Dresden, Ostpol
May 24: (PL) Poznan, 2Progi
May 25: (PL) Cracow, Studio
May 31: (DK) Esbjerg, Fuzztival Esbjerg
Aug 17: (UK) ArcTanGent

Tickets available at:

Sunnata are:

Szymon Ewertowski - guitar, vocals
Adrian Gadomski - guitar, vocals
Michal Dobrzanski - bass guitar/synth
Robert Ruszczyk – drums, percussion

For more information, follow the band online:

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