Saturday 27 April 2024

Lucifer Giant - Lucifer Giant (Album Review)

Release Date: April 12th 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD/Vinyl

Lucifier Giant - Self Titled - Tracklisting

1.LUCIFER 06:17


3.ACID DREAM 07:05



6.GHOST 08:33



Simu Sigrist - Guitar, Vocals

Matt Flury - Guitar, Vocals

Remo - Synth, Backing Vocals

Avi Moser - Drums

Ändu Feuz - Bass


Heavy Psych/Doom/Stoner Rockers Lucifer Giant debut self-titled album blew my mind when I first heard the album thanks to my good friend Frazer over at Desert Psychlist. As this band would have gone under my radar but thankfully I read his brilliant review which you can read here. This record is top-level Psychedelic Stoner Metal of the highest order.

Adding a more vivid Progressive Rock foundation to their music which allows the epic synths to have free reign playing more expansive moments of Cosmic/Spaced Out Doom. The musical journey still continues along the modern day Psych Doom/Stoner Rock trajectory which is quite similar to bands such as ELDER, King Buffalo and Howling Giant have made their own over the last few years. However, as their name suggests, this band is helped along by LUCIFER on their Cosmic based journey. As a result, this record can be more DOOM and OCCULT based despite the Psychedelic Space Rock movement that Lucifer Giant make their own with.

The record opens with the excellent Lucifer which allows the band to lay down the rules for the listener to familiarise themselves with. Moments of classic and modern day Psych Stoner Rock passages with a thrilling Prog Rock sound adds a level of Cinematic presentation that gives their music a more intense and bigger sound to play EPIC grooves throughout. The melodic vocals are an absolute joy to listen to despite the gloomy Post-Doom surroundings of the track starting to emerge.

Second track Monuments sees Lucifer Giant play the standout track on the whole album with a mixture of intense Post-Doom sounds that soon merges into a caustic Sonic Rock sound with the modern Stoner Rock/Metal element drifting further into the heaviest parts of the album. The synths once again are standout for me which are brilliantly provided by Remo with the rest of the band playing first rate instrumental grooves that have the essence of 70’s Space Rock, 90’s Stoner Metal and modern day Fuzzed Up aggression leading the creative charge. The vocals are reminiscent from other bands of that ilk but Lucifer Giant have an air of cynicism behind them which gives this album a more threatening vibe and I adore that aspect of the whole album the most.

The album is full of intense instrumental sounds but they’re grooves that are built to last an age with the Prog Rock/Metal aspect fully utilised within the whole album. Lucifer Giant can be quite contemporary within the mellow and ambient parts of the album which come into effect more and more on the later stages of the album.

Lucifer Giant becomes more Psych Rock/Space Rock obsessed with the rest of the album especially on tracks such as Acid Dream, Miles Deep Well and Ghost. The music is quite trippy and verges on the hallucinogenic style of Psychedelic energy with massive levels of FUZZ, Post-Doom and Progressive Stoner Metal sounds building upto a daring style of music you don’t initially expect.

The band are quite adept at projecting different Ambient Sounds into the mix which allows the record to have a more stripped back sound which comes into primary focus on Acid Dream and perhaps Miles Deep Well. 

The album is backed up by richly observed and superb production values with the album having a contemporary flow which sees Lucifer Giant delivering an original sounding album not many bands deliver on their debut release. I have a feeling that the band has been given the key to achieve bigger and better things within the world of Stoner Rock/Metal thanks to this album alone. 

Add this album to your record collection now as it’s already a contender for Album Of The Year that will no doubt appear on many more within the scene before the year ends.

Words by Steve Howe


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