Saturday 1 July 2017

Shroud Eater - Strike The Sun (Album Review)

Release date: July 7th 2017. Label: STB Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Strike The Sun – Tracklisting

1.Smokeless Fire
2.Iron Mountain
3.Awaken Assassin
4.Another Skin
5.Dream Flesh
6.It Walks Among
7.Unseen Hand
8.Futile Exile

Band Members:

Jean Saiz - guitar/vocals
Janette Valentine - bass/vocals
Davin Sosa – drums/vocals


Greetings all,
The amazing Florida sludge metal trio Shroud Eater have unleashed upon us their absolutely crushing new album Strike the Sun. This is the prolific trio's second full length and I believe their 3rd release of the last 12 months (a killer 7" and bad ass noise cassette already out). Since 2011 Shroud Eater has been bring the sludgy, doom filled riffs and they bring it big time on Strike the Sun.
There is a stunning mix of heavy, heavy guitars, fuzzy-pounding bass and immense drums that plays beautifully with the mixed vocals. This record is dark and forebodding, but in the most inviting way possible.
The album intro is Smokeless Fire, a drone heavy, feedback laden track with minimal vocals and some beamed in sound that leads into the darkness that kicks in to Iron Mountain. This one is a Thunderous monster with a plodding pace. Plodding here in a good way like a massive army of elephants leaving a beautiful path of destruction. Awaken Assassin brings in the melodic heaviness. Another Skin is a mostly instrumental track that is all kinds of heavy that goes in to the track Dream Flesh which is a brief, bass heavy song that carries an ominous chant. It Walks Among is perhaps the most epic sounding track. Stunning heaviness gives way to an ethereal sound before careening back in with the heavy. Unseen Hand has the most punk influence of any track. It is high speed riffage at its finest.The album closes with the utterly amazing 7 plus minutes of Futile Exile. It opens with a huge riff and throttles the listener in an amazing and fulfilling obliteration.
Shroud Eater has brought us one of the most killer albums of the year. If you are not familiar with them, you need to find their stuff and dig on it. If you are a vinyl freak like myself, STB records always puts out amazing vinyl releases and I'm sure this new Shroud Eater album will look as good as it sounds. This album comes highly recommended and is not to be missed.
- Todd S

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Words by Todd Stealey

Thanks to Jadd for the promo. Strike The Sun will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from STB Records on July 7th 2017.