Saturday 8 July 2017

Sound Of Origin - Seeds Of The Past (EP Review)

Release date: July 08th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Seeds Of The Past – Tracklisting

Driven To Destruction
Left For Dead
Seeds Of The Past

Band Members:

John Bussey - Screams, Croon's, Grunt's.
Joe 'Zeph' Wilczynski - Riff's
Jax Townend - Bottom End Floor Shaking Rumble
Chris 'Foz' Foster - Thunder


Sound Of Origin debut EP - Seeds Of The Past - is an apt title as the band are influenced by legendary Doom/Stoner Metal bands of the past with the band play a classic style of Doom/Stoner Metal. Taking influence from the more weedian style of riffs with the band offering a rawer sound.

Opening track - Warfarin - is a lengthy tale of heavy riffs and clean grizzled vocals which are held together by a raw doom/sludge based atmosphere. The lyrics are your usual stoner rock/metal fare but they do have a vibrant and playful energy to them. The song scores top marks in the volume department as this song is definitely heavy with the Weedeater style Sound being the main focal point.

Second track - Driven To Destruction - has a more distorted grunge feel with elements of violent fuzz being played in the background. This song has a classic nineties grunge/stoner hybrid sound. The vocals from lead vocalist John later become more settled and you can hear different styles and elements to his voice. This is another strong offering from Sound Of Origin and it shows that their sound is very hard to pin down, even at this point with three songs remaining.

Third track - Left For Dead - opens with an acoustic grunge based riff that has a slight Alice In Chains feel before the familiar Doom/Stoner Sound make a welcome return. The song has a more laid-back psychedelic approach but the lyrics and heavier ruffs push this song firmly into the doom/stoner metal arena. Shades of Kyuss riffs appear towards the end of the song as the song leaves you wanting more.

Fourth track - Seeds Of The Past - is a love letter to the classic days and roots of Stoner Metal and particularly Kyuss. As this song has even more familiar Kyuss based riffs but Sound Of Origin are clever enough to include heavier elements of their own music into the mix.

The final track - Asphalt - is a more subdued affair with reflective lyrics and vocals creating an eerie atmosphere. The song still remains undeniably heavy but in a more restrained way compared to the other songs on the record. Seeds Of The Past is a heavy psychedelic take on all things Doom, Grunge, Stoner, Fuzz and everything in between. The EP's production is handled superbly well. It's quite raw in places but I feel that's the intent from Sound Of Origin. Mainly to show they have a distinctive real sound that doesn't feel over-produced or compromised in anyway.

Seeds Of The Past has the potential to open doors for the band within the UK Hard Rock/Metal scene. They aren't the finished article yet but this EP shows a band with huge potential and a bright future as well.

Words by Steve Howe