Monday 17 July 2017

Satánicos Marihuanos - Satánicos Marihuanos I (Album Review)

Release date: April 20th 2017. Label: Necio Records. Format: CD/DD

Satánicos Marihuanos I – Tracklisting

1.Stone Pleasure 05:01
2.Troneited 04:11
3.Poseído por La Luna 11:11
4.Satánicos Marihuanos 05:23
5.Weed Napalm 04:06
6.Bonus Track - Evil Bong (Live Sesion@EcoStudio) 06:39

Band Members:

Andrés Silva (Bass)
Gabriel Carcelén (Guitar)
Renato Sauri (Drums)


Satánicos Marihuanos debut album is a very dark slice of Instrumental Doom/Stoner Rock. Hailing from Peru, Satánicos Marihuanos take influence from Karma To Burn but with a more doomier outlook within the riffs department. The album has a few rough moments here and there but other than that, Satánicos Marihuanos album is full of heavy grooves that should appeal to the more adventurous Doom/Stoner Metal fan.

The album has elements of FUZZ littered throughout the album as Satánicos Marihuanos keep the mood heavy throughout. Tracks such as Stone Pleasure, Troneited and Poseido por La Luna are the strongest offerings on the album with the band playing familiar sounding riffs. Though it's good to hear the band playing a more progressive style of music on the epic 11 minute track – Poseido pr La Luna.

The album has a very dark psychedelic mood within the heavier parts. It allows Satánicos Marihuanos to embrace their Doom Rock roots with passion and conviction. The only downside is the production feels very rushed at times. With this being their debut album, this is still a very strong offering and proves once again the South American Doom/Stoner Rock scene has a lot to offer.

Satánicos Marihuanos have created an addictive slice of Doom/Stoner Rock that is packed full of superb riffs throughout.

Words by Steve Howe

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