Wednesday 12 July 2017

Wild Rocket - Dissociation Mechanics (Album Review)

Release date: July 7th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Dissociation Mechanics - Tracklisting

1.Caught In Triangle Again 09:32
2.Infinite Reconnaissance Imager 05:31
3.Into The Black Hole 06:18
4.The Future Echoes 15:34 video
5.The Edges Of Reality 06:49

Band Members:

Bres - Rythmic Pulses
Jon K - Psychoacoustic Timbre
Moose - Sub Octaves and Communication
Niallo - Phase Changes


Wild Rocket makes a welcome return with their second album - Disassociation Mechanics. An album that sees Wild Rocket create heavier and more experimental sounds than their debut album. This time Wild Rocket venture more into noisier and doomier based territory with the band keen to explore a more industrial sound.

Opening track - Caught In Triangle Again - is a mixture of psychedelic nightmarish distorted sounds and spaced out doom metal riffs. The vocals have layers of distortion behind them though you can easily understand them. The song is not your average Psychedelic Doom based song as Wild Rocket take influence from bands such as Slomatics and Genghis Tron at times. It's very spaced out and full-on electronica affair but with a highly intriguing atmospheric doom approach. The noisy glitches and sound effects never stops the flow of the fantastic instrumental work that Wild Rocket play on the album.

Second track - Infinite Reconnaissance Imager- is a more standard psychedelic noise/space rock offering with the main highlight of the song being the cool lyrics and great vocals. A more riff heavy approach make this song one of the more interesting songs on the album. It becomes heavier when the chorus kicks in and it will sure have you nodding your head in agreement.

Third track - Into The Black Hole - has quite a claustrophobic feel with the electronica sounds creating a doomier atmosphere. The vocals from Moose name later take centre stage as the rest of the band carry on playing heavy spaced out noises.

Fourth Track - The Future Echoes - is the going to be the main talking point on this album. As Wild Rocket create a heavy spaced out disjointed and disturbing rock opus. Distorted vocals fade in and out with the industrial/doom/space sounds taking a more experimental feel. The keyboards and synths give this album a more digital hardcore or even Nine Inch Nails feel. This song will leave you questioning not only your own reality but also your own sanity as well.

Fifth track - The Edges Of Reality - closes the album the way it's been played from the start with heavy monolithic noises and riffs all combining for an exciting finish. I can hear elements of Hawkwind on this song and perhaps their most famous song – Silver Machine.

Disassociation Mechanics is a very hard album to describe and perhaps even difficult to listen to at times. The fact remains that Wild Rocket have created an exciting and wholly original wild ride. The album won't be for everyone but if you want a challenging album that will not only test your patience but richly reward it as well, then you will find this very hard to beat.

Words by Steve Howe