Friday 14 July 2017

An Interview with MARS RED SKY

Mars Red Sky have been riding a crest of a wave recently over the last few years. Thanks to acclaimed albums and EP's, constant touring has made the band one of the most well-known bands within the Doom/Stoner Rock scene.

The band have just released a stunning Vinyl Only Release called Myramyd. It sees Mars Red Sky venture into more Orechestral/Cinematic style music but with their trademark Psych/Doom/Stoner Rock sound intact.

I managed to catch up with the band to discuss their new EP, new album plans and other things. Read on for more info.

Hi guys. Thanks for doing this interview. How are things with you all at the moment.

Julien: Good, thank you.

You've just performed at Hellfest. How was that gig. Did you see any other bands on the bill who stood out for you personally. And did you perform the new song live.

Mat: Emotionally it might be one of the greatest show til now. First because it’s Hellfest, but also because we had a great time spot, and we were playing a special setlist. The people were really friendly and warm, it was really something. So yeah we played a special set-list including this new song, or piece or whatever we call it, and we’re happy and proud to have been able to make, cause we took risk in some ways…

We arrived right in time the Friday for me to see Behemoth that I love. It’s too bad it was still daylight, but they killed it of course, as usual. This year I didn’t see so much. I loved Vodun, been disappointed by Electric Wizard, so went to see Obituary, and finished on Sabaton, and had so much fun watching those guys playing with a “tank” on stage.

We are here to talk about your epic new 17 minute EP – Myramyd. What can people expect from this EP. As you have a different sound on this song compared to your previous releases.

Mat: For us, it’s a kinda “trou normand”, the little glass of alcohol you drink between two courses to digest a bit. Yeah I reckon it’s more of pint than a shot, but in the idea, we wanted to keep the process pretty instinctive. We didn’t want to go into the process of a new album.

Was it a challenging EP to write and record for as you use different elements of music that you haven't written before.

Mat: The challenging part was the short period of time we had. We imposed it to ourselves, to keep it fresh. So we started jamming on ideas late march, recorded it early April, and it’s been out early June. It took more time to manufacture it than to compose and track it. We used a 2 track analog tape machine to record. It means you have to mix it before or while you play, as a sound man would do in live conditions. So the good side, is once you’re done, you’re very done, or you have to play it again if you’re not happy.

Julien: Putting it all together didn’t take a lot of time indeed, but I had been composing and storing a bunch of riffs and chord progressions, probably over a dozen, and then, as we usually do, we went through them, deciding which parts could be considered the main themes, which riff or melody would work as a link between parts.. A couple of parts came from little jams / interludes that we developed over time during our live shows, little snippets like the one we usually play to link Marble Sky and Strong Reflection onstage.

Photo by Antoine Doyen

The song feels like it has an orchestral/operatic feel to it. A song with many different styles and put into chapters. Is that a fair assumption to make with the song.

Julien: Absolutely, since as I just said we had several possibilities, melodic ideas and riffs that might or might not work together. We all sat and tried out different scenarios, like writing a script. We had a number of themes that were like characters or situations, and we put everything in place. It could have told a different story I guess, had we arranged the song differently. That’s what’s exciting with this process.

What is the song about. What are it's main themes.

Mat: You’ll find Pyramid, Stonart, Cheville, New York, le Noise, Myramyd, Stonart dédoublé… those names are the part we find in this song…

Usually when you guys release a new EP, a new album isn't too far away. Are you guys recording a new album currently. Any details you can possibly share.

Mat: We have things, we think about it, but we’re not at work at all !!

Julien: We’ll probably work some ideas that weren’t used on this song, but we’ve already started jamming over a few riffs I brought along, and there’s maybe half a dozen potential songs I’ll have the guys hear and agree on working or not. That’s why I rarely come up with a finished song; everyone brings something to the table and some themes get discarded in the process

Lately we’ve been rehearsing a Pink Floyd classic that will be recorded in a few weeks. It’s for a tribute compilation. That should be a lot of fun !!

Photo by Julien Dupeyron

You have a wide range of tour dates over the next four months. If you are recording a new album, will you be trying out any new songs on the forthcoming dates of the tour.

Mat: We did this for Stranded, and it worked good. We still don’t know what process we’ll use for next album.

Your last album Apex III was another successful album from the band. Great reviews from fans and critics alike. You went on quite a lengthy tour/promotional campaign for that album. Was that an enjoyable experience for you all. As I saw you guys on Tour in May 2016. Such an epic show.

Mat: The Up In Smoke Tour was real fun, being in a bus with Belzebong and Stoned Jesus, was a great experience !!

Going back to the EP, it's only being released on Vinyl. And no other format. Why are you not releasing it on CD or DD. Did you want to release some exclusive just for you fans.

Julien: Yes that was the idea, but we’ll probably end up putting it online in a decent format

Well guys thanks for doing this interview. Much appreciated. All the best with the latest EP.

Words by Steve Howe and Mars Red Sky

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for arranging this interview. Myramyd is available to buy now from Mars Red Sky.


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