Monday 3 July 2017

INTRCPTR - "I" (EP Review)

Release date: July 21st 2017. Label: Magic Bullet Records. Format: DD

I”– Tracklisting

2.Sandstorms 05:16

Band Members:

Ben Carr – Guitars
Larry Herweg – Drums


INTRCPTR is a new band made up of members from Pelican and 5ive. Larry Herweg and Ben Carr combine for an instrumental psychedelic desert/stoner rock band that pays homage to their original bands whilst forging a new musical identity with INTRCPTR. Their debut EP - I - features 5ive tracks that moves from post-rock/post-metal sounds to a more exciting desert/stoner rock sound.

Opening track - Nightrider - may only last under two minutes but the band play an exciting style of instrumental rock. Parts Pelican, 5ive and even sounding like a classic Karma To Burn song. This is a fast-paced song that doesn't let up and brings you right into INTRCPTR's turbo-charged and gasoline fuelled world. You can't deny the talent behind this band as these guys are masters of creating instrumental rock/metal based songs with their respective bands.

Second track - Sandstorms - sees the band opt for a more Kyuss style heavy delivery but merged with the later atmospheric sounds of Pelican. The second half of the song sees a shift in tone and direction of the EP as INTRCPTR add heavier psychedelic sounds.

Third track - Ruby - is the standout song with INTRCPTR opting for a more post-rock/chilled out desert rock sound. There are elements of heavy stoner rock vibes in the background with the cool subtle drumming of Larry driving the song along. Ben plays with a more rugged authority as you can feel that he wants to unleash the heavy riffs that are slowly building upto the surface. This is the song that makes "I" such a captivating release as the band try something different. Especially towards the end of the song when the distorted and ambient sounds appear.

Fourth track - Turbines - carries on the familiar instrumental desert rock jams with a more progressive doomier sound. This is perhaps the heaviest song on the album with Larry and inserts name later playing with more urgency to their music.

The final song - Watchmaker - is the song influenced by Pelican and 5ive the most. As it sounds like both bands merging for a heavier stoner metal sound. That's no bad thing as the song has a great sound of its own. The loud-vs-quiet approach and tone of the song allows INTRCPTR to try different things with their sound.

Twenty one minutes is not enough time for a band's debut release such as INTRCPTR. Hopefully there is a more substantial and longer release from the band within the next year or so. As "I" is a superbly produced affair. The record sounds terrific from the start and it's to the bands credit they leave you wanting more.

"I" is an excellent debut record from INTRCPTR and I can see these guys making a mighty impression not only with long-time Pelican/5ive fans but also within the Instrumental Stoner Rock community.

Words by Steve Howe
Thanks to Earsplit PR for the promo. “I” will be available to buy on DD via Magic Bullet Records from July 21st 2017.