Sunday, 2 July 2017

Diarchy - Here Lost We Lie (Album Review)

Release date: March 9th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Here Lost We Lie – Tracklisting

1.Love 03:04
2.Bulldoper 05:35
3.Gunpowder 05:52
4.Rorschach 07:36
5.Here Lost We Lie 05:01
6.Joy & Sorrow 03:42
7.Wallflower 04:05

Band Members:

Prakash Rawat (guitar, vocals)
Gaurrav Tiwari (drums)


It's always good to hear a debut album that defies your own expectations. I remember buying Indian Stoner Rockers - Diarchy - debut album – Here Lost We Lie – back in March 2017 and I'm only listening to the album now. Shame on me as this is a very cool and hard riffing Stoner Rock album packed with heavy moments of Desert Rock riffs.

Though you don't get that impression with the excellent opening track – Love – which feels more like a psychedelic post-rock song than your standard Desert/Stoner Rock song. It's a beautifully played song that only gives you a brief glimpse on what to expect next. As the album now firmly moves into heavier Desert/Stoner Rock territory.

Second track – Bulldoper – has shades of Fu Manchu and QOTSA with Diarchy creating highly confident sounds that shows how serious they are about their craft. Loud and brash Stoner Riffs that are matched against Black Sabbath style vocals and lyrics. Where is the psychedelic post-rock band that appeared on the opening track. This cannot be the same band, though I can assure you it is. Diarchy have a vintage feel to their music but spliced with a modern sounding Stoner Rock vibe.

Third track – Gunpowder – carries on the rebellious Desert/Stoner Rock atmosphere with the band adding a punk rock spirit to their music. The doom like vocals from Prakash have an addictive edge with a slight Ozzy influence. Kyuss style riffs are the main driving force of this song. Diarchy maybe from India but you can tell they grew up on the legendary sounds of the Californian Desert scene which ultimately fuels the heavy music that appears throughout the album.

Fourth track – Rorschach – sees Diarchy play a more subdued post-rock/desert rock sound with moments of psych stoner rock being slowly, as the song build upto a faster momentum. The song kicks into life around the two minute mark when Diarchy return to their heavier Stoner Rock ways. This is the standout track on the album as it's the most exciting song on the album with Diarchy striking the right balance between flair and arrogance. This is where Diarchy start to show how good of a band they really are.

The next two songs – Here Lost We Lie and Joy & Sorrow – follow the same raucous and exciting path as the earlier songs on the album. With cool lyrics, vocals and riffs combining to make sure you're entertained for the next nine minutes or so.

The final song – Wallflower – ends the album the same way it started. With a psychedelic post-rock sound that's a different contrast from the majority of the songs on the album. It's good to hear a different side to the band. As they're not all about the loud riffs.

Lets hope the Stoner Rock community discovers Diarchy as they've created a superb and genuinely exciting album.

Words by Steve Howe