Saturday 1 July 2017

Sunstone - Domus Brutalis (Album Review)

Release date: May 8th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Domus Brutalis – Tracklisting

1.Nag 13:34
2.Afterimage 07:55
3.Scry 12:39
4.Reverent Savage 09:49
5.Extremely Fucking Nigh 08:47

Band Members:

Vocals - Will Montague
Guitar - Patrick Motylinski
Bass - Tom Webb
Drums - Tomás Spite


Sunstone's new album – Domus Brutalis – does take time to actually get going. The opening track – Nag – opens with a subtle Doom/Stoner instrumental riff before the vocals make an appearance. Though their more chant based vocals that are paired off against the heavy distorted riffs. It's not the most exciting song to open the album with but when Sunstone opt for a more doomier sound, the album finally starts to open up and becomes more exciting as a result.

The vocals move from hardcore growls to a heavier and nastier style of vocals. Not quite death metal style but they're still delivered with a menacing feel. Sunstone's style of Doom/Sludge/Stoner sound is not the most original sound though that doesn't stop the album being a well produced and exciting album to listen to. The instrumental work is superb for the most part with hints of classic doom/sludge metal sounds played at a deliberately slow pace.

The other songs on the album is perhaps where Sunstone impress the most. As the mood is more frantic and it allows Sunstone to create some of the albums heaviest sounds especially on Afterimage, Scry and Extremely Fucking High. The Blues Rock vibe of Afterimage is perhaps one of my favourite parts of the album. As it has a slight murky NOLA sludge feel to it.

Domus Brutalis is a fantastic album that Doom/Sludge Metal fans will enjoy the most. Sure it has moments of Stoner Metal but these parts are out-numbered by the heavier Doom/Sludge Metal parts. Otherwise this is an excellent album from Sunstone and one that not only deserves your attention but actually demands it....

Words by Steve Howe


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