Wednesday 12 July 2017

The Electric Shakes - Electrohypnosis (Album Review)

Release date: July 17th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Electrohypnosis – Tracklisting

2.The 157
3.Blue Meanie
4.In The Blood
5.Shot Me Down
7.Keep It Wild
9.The Doctor

Band Members:

Steve: Guitar/Vocals
Basha: Drums/Vocals
Eric: Bass/Vocals


Stoner/Garage/Psych Punks - The Electric Shakes release their debut album - Electrohypnosis - and the results are very interesting indeed. Showing moments of supreme heaviness at times but with a more Garage based sound. It's an album that takes time to fully enjoy and appreciate as there's a lot going on with the band's sound.

Opening track - Rats - is a garage rock style song mixing elements of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk and Stoner based sounds with a classic rock style approach. The band could easily be compared to Sir Admiral Cloudesley Shovell as they have a similar sense of fun and daring riffs when the mood calls for it.

Second track – The 157 - carries on the laid-back Garage Punk/Rock sound with moments of Blues Rock making an appearance for the first time. The lyrics are decidedly of an adult and playful nature which gives The Dead Shakes a more rebellious appeal. The sound of the album has a minimal punk based feel. Almost DIY at times. It's a very good sound indeed with the band having a sixties style vibe around them.

Third track - Blue Meanie - is perhaps the standout track on the song as it's a classic sounding slice of good old fashioned rock and roll. Lasting under four minutes with the band playing fast-paced riffs and spiky lyrics to match.

Fourth track - In The Blood - opts for a more Stoner based sound as the band try to firmly remain within their garage/punk rock routes. This song is pure rock and roll high voltage energy. It may be played at a slow pace but the vocals have a sixties sounding Alice Cooper feel. Slowing the song right down and then speeding it up back to normal speeds adds a very nice touch indeed.

There are ten songs on this album and I'll be here for a very long time if I start reviewing every single one. The Electric Shakes carry on their addictive style of Punk/Hard Rock theatrics with familiar sounds of Stoner, Garage, Psych and Blues Rock to keep you entertained from the start. Songs such as Shot Me Down, Magpie, Volcano, Doctor and The Dirty all show how The Electric Shakes like to keep the listener guessing what style of music they will play next.

The band goes through as many different sounds they possibly can. Even though this album remains primarily a Garage/Punk Rock album, it doesn't stop the band broadening their horizons with moments of noisy psychedelic and stoner rock riffs. The production is very cool indeed as it has a very vintage feel around it. 

Electrohypnosis is an exciting and well produced debut album. The album will perhaps have the most success with Classic/Garage Rock fans as they will find the most to enjoy here.

Words by Steve Howe