Sunday 12 May 2019

Blind Mess - The Good, The Bad & The Dead (Album Review)

Release date: May 16th 2019. Label: DeadClockWork Records. Format: CD/DD

The Good, The Bad & The Dead – Tracklisting

1.Pompeji is Lost (Intro)
2.Dead Blues
4.I'm In A Hole
5.Ironing The Sky
6.The Enemy
7.The Next Empire
8.Speed And Bones
9.Lights Out (Outro)


Oskar, Martin & Daniel


German Desert/Stoner Rockers Blind Mess return with their 2nd album – The Good, The Bad & The Dead. This album is a darker and heavier affair compared to their 2017 debut album. The album feels inspired by Motorhead in places. As the riffs feel more aggressive and Blind Mess stay pissed off as hell for the majority of their album.

The trippy and psychedelic Desert/Stoner Rock vibes don’t feel as forced compared to their debut album and the Blues Rock undertones creates for a more direct sound. The album primarily has a modern Stoner Metal sound but fully comes alive when the band switch gears and play their heavier and aggressive style of music. The vocals are quite raw in places especially on the opening songs Dead Blues, Relief and I’m In A Hole.

The Good, The Bad & The Dead is a hugely entertaining album from start to finish with a strong collection of songs showcasing how the band have improved as musicians from their debut album. The lyrics are perhaps the most improved with Blind Mess writing some catchy lyrics with the excellent music they’ve written for this album.

The production isn’t the best but that’s perhaps down to the band recording this album live in their studio and no instrumental overdubs were made for this album. That’s a very brave and bold move to make for your second album but Blind Mess deserve credit for trying to capture the best sounding LIVE experience they can possibly aim for.

Blind Mess create and play some of the albums finest and heaviest moments on the second half of the album with The Enemy and Speed And Bones being the standout songs on the entire album. Overall, The Good, The Bad & The Dead is an album that has something for everyone to enjoy and fully appreciate no matter genre of music that you follow.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe