Wednesday 8 May 2019

KUROKUMA - Sheffield's Best Metal Bands Vol 1 (EP Review)

Release date: May 03rd 2019. Label: Off Me Nut Records. Format: Cassette/DD

Sheffield's Best Metal Bands Vol 1. – Tracklisting

1.RVN 06:52
2.Wasp Nest 04:41
3.Deeper Underground 10:22
4.Wasp Nest (Memphis Edit) 02:29


I'm a huge fan of Sheffield Avant-Garde Sludge Metallers Kurokuma. I've seen them a few times over the years and their live performances are always wonderfully loud, weird and downright original. The band have never been the easiest band to categorize with their previous releases. As they switch musical genres all of the time. Sure they can be classed as primarily as a Sludge Metal band. However, that only gives you a brief glimpse into Kurokuma overall sound. As they play elements of Ambient Music, Doom Metal, Psych, Drone Metal and even Stoner Metal if they think the mood calls for it.

So I was hoping to see what Kurokuma bring to the party with their latest EP and the brash, bold and brilliantly named - Sheffield 's Best Metal Bands Vol 1. The band offer four songs on this release though one of the songs is an actual remix of one of the songs. Kurokuma never play by the rules and you have to "Expect The Unexpected" with this EP and the bone-crunching experimental style heavy sounds the band have committed to this release.

The first two songs RVN and Wasp Nest offer an experimental style of Sludge Metal, Ambient and Avant-Garde music we've come to expect from the band. However, the songs are still quite a violent delight to listen to. Maybe Kurokuma have followed The Melvins and BORIS style of experimenting with different sounds to create a weird and warped atmosphere. It's still wildly addictive with the different heavy progressive sounds that Kurokuma offer here.

The band really blew my mind with the third song - Deeper Underground. Yes, folks. Deeper Underground by Jamiroquai and what fun they have on this song. I was never a fan of that song or the band in general. However, I admire Kurokuma's take on this song. It's a cool cover with heavy distorted and devilish grooves. One of the more fun covers I've heard recently.

The final song is a remix of Wasp Nest and it's a slightly different version of the original song. It doesn't offer much but I did appreciate how both versions sound different to each other. Overall, Kurokuma prove they're not only one of Sheffield's Best Metal Bands but one of the UK's Best Underground Metal Bands with this release.

Kurokuma have released another excellent record with this EP.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Lisa at Hold Tight PR for the promo. Sheffield's Best Metal Bands Vol 1 is available to buy on now on Cassette/DD via Off Me Nut Records.