Friday 24 May 2019

Stone From The Sky - Break A Leg (Album Review)

Release date: May 03rd 2019. Label: More Fuzz Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Break A Leg – Tracklisting

1.Vena Cava 09:47
2.Agger 04:17
3.Therapsida 09:10
4.Animal 05:11
5.Atomic Valley 07:38
6.Rataxès 09:06




Stone From The Sky new album Break A Leg is a mixture of different sounds, moods and environments with the band creating a complex style to build their wild and vivid ideas upon. The album is purely instrumental with Stone From The Sky playing almost every kind of music that falls under the Doom/Stoner Rock spectrum. Break A Leg is an angry and progressive album and Stone From The Sky never shy away from that fact especially with the excellent opening song – Vena Cava.

Vena Cava is a mixture of Doom, Stoner Rock, Prog Rock and Psychedelic Rock with twinges of Ambient Post-Rock vibes allowing the band to create a more thrilling style of music. It can be quite challenging to listen to at times but Stone From The Sky have enough tricks up their sleeves to keep the most casual listener intrigued from start to finish. The song has quite a sombre and reflective mood that easily draws upon the angrier elements of Post-Rock/Metal that Russian Circles and Pelican are known for.

Second song – Agger – is a cool sounding Desert/Stoner Rock song that reminds me of Yawning Man in certain places but with a more progressive and heavier feel. The trippy sounds show a different side to the band compared to the opening song. This is a good little number for the band to show their more caring side and is one of the shortest songs on the album running past the four minutes’ mark.

Third song – Therapsida – sees the band create another fine offering that drifts further into the realm of Psychedelic Stoner Rock with the song being played at a slow leisurely pace. The band add different genres and levels of music with each passing moment until the soulful Post-Rock grooves give way to a more direct Stoner Rock/Metal sound. The song has quite an upbeat groove from start to finish. The excellent use of slow paced and fast paced riffs makes this one of the standout tracks on the album.

Fourth song – Animal – opens with a haunting Desert Rock/Post-Rock sound that the band do well to maintain from start to finish. The song does feel too forced at times. However, the heavier Post-Rock/Post-Metal riffs saves the day and allows the band to end this song on an exciting finish.

The final two songs Atomic Valley and Rataxes carries on the wonderful psychedelic grooves Stone From The Sky have played throughout the entire album.

Atomic Valley maybe my favourite song on the album. As it sees the band play a hopeful and more progressive style of Desert Rock and Post Rock that leaves you wanting more.

Rataxes sees Stone From The Sky play the heaviest and angriest parts of the album with this song. It’s quite depressing in places. It’s a style I wish we heard more of on the album. As the band have quite a talent for creating cinematic Post-Rock/Post-Metal sounds that have a haunting and bleak edge to them.

Break A Leg is an album that starts off very positively before transcending into a dark musical odyssey and I never expected that at all from this band or the album itself. Stone From The Sky have released an excellent sounding album and I urge you all to listen to this album. As you’ll be pleasantly surprised what Stone From The Sky have in store for you.

Words by Steve Howe