Thursday 30 May 2019


Slow machine of hate to soberness and impatience to objective reality from the city of Kharkiv (Ukraine), Soom proudly presents their own music video full of fear and loathing mixed with the love to their native city. Made by Anastasia Khomenko, the video tells the story about Djebars, who stuck forever in the moment when clock is working but has stopped on a 19:36 mark. Strong track about wasted spirit for the strong ears commented by the Soom’s frontman Oleksa Kovalov-Blidyi:

“Described story іs based on a Pale aesthetics. It is neither light, nor dark, just immersed in its own Universe, the road to which lies through the searching of drug hiding place, using the “wheelchair” — bad quality synthetic drugs. For one it’s self-destruction, for another — salvation. It just exists and there is must be no attitude, like to anything in Universe, because everybody has its own way to All & Nothing. We see it like an ugly version of beautiful, let everyone of you see the same”.


Soom -
addicted label (Russia) -
Robustfellow (Ukraine) -
Voron Nest (Russia\Japan) -
Kvlt Ov Ї (Ukraine) -


Kova — guitar, vocals
Tomrer — bass

Amorth — drums

Created by Anastasia Khomenko

Art by Evgenij Khomenko, Makferlen Krause, Eva Troian, Anna Manankina, Lera Marysheva, Liza Doppelganger