Tuesday 7 May 2019

The Well - Death And Consolation (Album Review)

Release date: April 26th 2019. Label: RidingEasy Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Death And Consolation – Tracklisting

1.Sabbah 03:49
2.Raven 03:52
3.Death Song 04:48
4.Cup of Peace 04:30
5.Eyes of A God 03:41
6.Act II 06:32
7.Freedom Above 04:03
8.This is How The World Ends 04:53
9.Endless Night 06:16


Ian Graham
Lisa Alley
Jason Sullivan


The first time I heard The Well was a few years back. Their label, the consistently amazing, RidingEasy records included a test pressing of the band’s debut album, Samsara, with my order. Goddamn if I wasn’t blown away. The psych heavy, Austin based doom trio play a brand of straight forward, garage inspired, occult driven doom that is hard rocking and catchy as hell. Death and Consolation is the band’s third full length and is a bit more stripped down there prior two albums, but the more lean and mean sound lends itself very, very well to the trio. There are a ton of different sounds and influences that can be heard throughout Death and Consolations 9 smoking tracks.

The album opens with the fuzzy and blissed out Sabbah that showcases the overall sound of the band, driving drums and riffage with intertwined male/female vocals delivering dark lyrics with a monstrous earworm hook. The tempo picks up a bit with the driving Raven. Which rocks hard before closing out with a one-note piano blast. The band draws from their European doom brethren on Death Song. The track is riff heavy and oozes Doom. I kept thinking of Kadavar on this one. I think it is the vivid lyrical imagery and the masterful vocal delivery that make this one of the albums best songs. 

Cup of Peace keeps the heavy doom onslaught going. The songs blisters with tons of distortion and more end of days feel lyrics. My absolute favorite track on Death and Consolation is Eyes of a God. It is the most inspired song. The ultra catchy, monstrous Sabbath inspired riff drives the song into a sweet chorus. The band doesn’t let up on the doom when Act II comes crashing in. The riff is heavy and unrelenting on the listener. The band does slow things down a bit with Freedom Above. The bass driven intro leads this more meditative rock track that begs “Please don’t take my high away”. Monkey sounds open and close the catchy, epic rock inspired, This is How. The song is propelled by a monster riff and catchy as hell chorus. Another monstrous riff closes the record on Endless Night. The band grooves mightily and brings in some dark, melodious bells to bring this masterful record to a close.

The Well are truly one of, if not, the best American doom bands around. Death and Consolation only adds to their impressive catalogue. If you are familiar, then you will want this record in your collection. If you are new to this mighty trio, this record is a tremendous starting point. I can certainly see this record on many a best of the year list for 2019. I am damn sure it will be near the top of mine. Dig on this one!

- Todd S - Instagram @alltheghoststhathauntyou

Words by Todd Stealey

Death And Consolation is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl via RidingEasy Records.