Saturday 12 March 2022

Achachak - Planet Hashish (Album Review)

Release Date: March 12th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Planet Hashish - Tracklisting

1.Planet Hashish 04:26

2.Breathe 02:55

3.Celebration For The Desert 06:29

4.Orange Moon 05:47

5.Weed Wagon 02:47

6.Shamans Horse 03:21

7.Desert Eye 04:55

8.The Hasheesh Eater 03:47

9.Fishermans F(r)iend 06:40


Ante Kodžoman - Vocals

Patrik Zelenika - Guitar

Luka Gobin - Guitar

Lovre Gobin - Bass Guitar

Milan Mijač - Drums


Planet Hashish is the new album from Croatian Fuzz/Desert/Stoner Rockers Achachak and builds upon their last album and as the title suggests this has a heavy WEEDIAN flavour. The album is more FUZZ orientated compared to their previous albums and these guys deliver their most enjoyable album to date with a dark Psychedelic vibe heard on this album.

Planet Hashish is the opening song and Achachak wastes no time in playing a heavy FUZZED out attitude with a stripped back approach that evokes memories of SLEEP, KYUSS and Black Sabbath but with perhaps a more Sludge Punk attitude. The sound can be too low in places but it has a true “AMPLIFIER DISTORTED” effect and the spiky vocals get the job done especially when the heavier moments appear.

Second song Breathe has a slight “NOLA” influence especially with the vocals and the song does have a Southern Rock/Swamp Rock attitude. So it’s good to see Achachak moving across the boundaries of Stoner Rock/Metal with an album that’s willing to take the right creative chances and still offer loads of cool guitar grooves along the way.

Third song Celebration For The Desert is a Post-Doom/Post Stoner song with a lovely Psychedelic instrumental guitar opening up the song before the song changes into an almost Middle Eastern groove and still evoking the memories of early-Yawning Man style sounds. One of the most interesting songs that the band have written to date. The song could have done with some heavy aspects to it but all in all, this is one of the standout tracks on the album.

Planet Hashish has six more songs to offer listeners and Achachak embraces the WEEDIAN attitude even more especially on Orange Moon, Weed Wagon, Hasheesh Eater and Fisherman’s F(r)iend. Some fantastic play on words with the song titles there and the riffs are just as tasty especially when the band go all out with the frantically fast-paced sounds. 

Planet Hashish celebrates everything great about the Stoner Rock/Metal movement over the last thirty years or so. Maybe it’s not the most original of albums but for a kick-ass and action packed album then Achachak delivers the goods with Planet Hashish. The end result is another superbly entertaining album for the band to add to their already impressive discography.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe